Arrests in Sunday Crystal Lake Marian Parkway Robbery

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police:

On Sunday, March 18, 2012 Police were dispatched to 205 Marian Parkway reference a Robbery.

Upon arrival Police met with Ariel C. Guerra who reported that while walking his dog near his home, he was approached by three men who were passengers in a white Dodge pick-up truck.

Guerra stated he recognized one of the men as Mario; someone he had sold automobile parts to over a year ago.

Guerra continued stating that Mario confronted him about the previous sale of car parts, which he claimed were defective.

At this time Mario demanded that his money be returned.

Guerra stated all three men then surrounded him and began threatening him with bodily harm.

Guerra explained that he only had $9.00 U.S.C on his person, which he surrendered to Mario.

Guerra stated that all three suspects returned back to the pick-up truck and left the area traveling westbound on Route 176.

A description of the vehicle and the suspects were released by Police Dispatch and the vehicle and suspects were located a short time later at a restaurant near Route 14 and McHenry Avenue.

The suspects were placed into custody and transported to the Crystal Lake Police Department.

Once at headquarters the suspects were identified as;

  • Luis Mario Jasso (M/W, D.O.B. 11/11/85 of 806 Plum Street, McHenry)
  • Roberto Jasso-Gonzalez (M/W, D.O.B. 11/25/82 of 806 Plum Street, McHenry)
  • Anthony J. Herrera (M/W, D.O.B. 02/12/79 of 202 N.W. Hwy. unit #D, Fox River Grove).

A twenty-one year old male from McHenry was also identified as the driver of the pick-up truck but was not part of the confrontation with the victim and was not charged.

The subsequent investigation revealed that Luis Mario Jasso, Roberto Jasso-Gonzalez and Anthony J. Herrera were all responsible for taking the victim’s money by threat of force.

The case was reviewed with the McHenry County State’s Attorney Office, and charges were authorized against all three men who were each charged with

  • 1 count of Robbery,
  • Class 2 Felony and 1 count of Theft under $300.00,
  • Class A Misdemeanor.


Arrests in Sunday Crystal Lake Marian Parkway Robbery — 3 Comments

  1. Still think my comments about the Mexicans and their brutal behavior was nothing more than “Hand ringing?” (When those skulls were discovered, I commented on the behavior of a growing Chicago Mexican Drug Cartels enforcement methods)

    Wait til you start seeing the Machete’s!

    It’s coming, trust me!

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