Chicago Tribune Covers Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler’s Journey Back to Work

Zane Seipler

After having

  • been fired by McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren almost four years ago and
  • won an arbitrator’s decision that he should be re-instated with a three-day suspension for the ostensive reason for his dismissal and
  • won a Circuit Court decision from Judge Thomas Meyer ruling that the arbitrator’s decision was reasonable and
  • won an Appellate Court decision that the Circuit Court decision was OK and
  • prevailed in a last-ditch Illinois Supreme Court appeal by Nygren to stall matters still further and
  • run against his former boss unsuccessfully in the 2010 GOP primary election and
  • sued Nygren in Federal Court for wrongful termination and
  • sued for the appointment of a Special Prosecutor,

Zane Seipler is reporting back to work today.

Or as Tribune reporter Bob McCoppin put it:

“Yet the sheriff lost every legal round. Seipler was awarded back pay for the nearly four years he missed and — whether the sheriff, who declined to comment, likes it or not — the right to return to work.”

The Chicago Tribune has a good sized story about the saga in Monday’s edition, which you can read here.

I would encourage you to do so.


Chicago Tribune Covers Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler’s Journey Back to Work — 2 Comments

  1. Thank God!!

    The Northwest Herald surely does not want to give the straight story.

    Best to you, Zane.

    Show them how things should be done.

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