Sandy Salgado and Donna Kurtz Advertise in Northwest Herald

Sandra Salgado paid for this sticker to be put on the front of the Sunday Northwest Herald.

District 4 McHenry County Board member Sandy Salgado bought a sticker on the front page of the Northwest Herald in her part of McHenry County.

She also put an insert into the Walworth County paper that dips as far south as Johnsburg.

Donna Kurtz' newspaper ad is pretty much the same as her mailing.

Donna Kurtz bought a quarter page ad.

It was similar in content to that of her post card.

Those were the only two candidates whom I found spending their promotional dollars in a newspaper.

Most money went into direct mail, although, as you can see from the article below, the Post Office has at least one employee who made that almost a waste of money.

Kurtz’ ad cost $650.

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I’m told that District 4 GOP candidate Linda Kvidera Murphy also inserted her palm card in the Northwest Herald. You can see it here.

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