Cliff Surges Offers Thanks to Supporters

A press release from Cliff Surges:

Surges Thanks Family and Supporters for Campaign

Cliff Surges

Gilberts, IL – “I would like to begin by thanking my wonderful wife Audrey and our three children; Jake, Colin, and Talia for all their love and support throughout this long and difficult campaign. Without their support and encouragement, I could never have sustained this campaign. I would also like to thank our volunteers and supporters, for they are the true warriors and did the work needed for us to carry our campaign message to the voters.”

“Although we were not victorious tonight, I want to congratulate and wish Ms. McConnaughay well. We both fought hard in this election, and in the end the results are what they are, and in this great democracy we will always respect the decision of the voters.”

“Our Republican party must come together now, and fight for the hard working citizens and taxpayers in this State. I pledge to the people of the 33rd Senate District and all the people of Illinois, that although our current campaign is ended, I will continue to fight for our true Republican values of smaller, more efficient government and lower taxes in Illinois.”

“Once again, thanks to my friends and supporters in this campaign, and to all the citizens in the 33rd District. I will never forget your support, love and kindness to me and my family during this campaign.”

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