David McSweeney Announces Victory “by Six Points”

David McSweeney

That’s what the message just sent to those on his campaign email list says:

“McSweeney wins the primary with six points.

“Thank you for your support.

“We did it together!”

McSweeney unseated appointed State Rep. Kent Gaffney, the choice of McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Mike Tryon and Barrington Township Committeeman Gene Dawson.

Gaffney relied on what I would characterize as an “endorsement” campaign.

It’s not that he didn’t emphasize his strong points, which were quite similar to my own when I ran for McHenry County Treasurer (having served as a Budget Examiner in the United States Budget Bureau).

He did.

But endorsements trumped everything else and were clearly thought to be most important to emphasize.

One can tell that from the insert in the Election Day Northwest Herald, something I have never seen before.

Despite Tea Party candidate Danielle Rowe’s having concentrated her fire in her last two mailings on McSweeney, while ignoring Gaffney, McSweeney held on to enough support to emerge victorious.

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