Fox River Grove Taxeaters Behind by 9 Votes with Early and Absentee Votes Outstanding

The Fox River Grove taxeaters are a mere 9 votes behind in the midnight posting of votes in the sales tax hike referendum offered by Village officials.

It is conceivable that the tally might shift.

The tally at midnight was 439 to 430.

Here’s the ballot:

The village officials wanted citizens to hike the sales tax 25%, from one percentage point to 1.25 percentage points.

At least the folks in Fox River Grove were given a chance to vote.

When the Crystal Lake City Council hiked the city sales tax by 75%, there was no approval at the ballot box.

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In writing this article, I forgot that a subdivision of Fox River Grove is in Lake County. On election night it was showing a margin in favor of the tax hike that was 2 votes larger than the margin against the measure in McHenry County.

When the absentee and provisional ballots were sorted out, the measure tied.

A tie means the tax hike will not go into effect.

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