Jeff Thirtyacre’s Write-in Attempt Apparent Failure

To get on the fall ballot as a write-in candidate a candidate has to get at least as many write-in votes as he or she would have to get signatures on a petition for the office in question.

The write-in votes counted by election judges for the Democratic Party nomination for State Representative.

I’m betting that the eleven write-in votes Jeff Thirtyacre received for the Democratic Party nomination to run against Republican Barb Wheeler will not meet that standard.


Jeff Thirtyacre’s Write-in Attempt Apparent Failure — 6 Comments

  1. Jeff may appear as a country boy not in tune with thing’s going on, but I can assure you, Jeff is extremely in touch and willing to work hard for the people.

    It’s a real shame a blue collar appearing guy can’t compete with the suits…

    Remember, its the ‘Suits’ that the DOJ is staring to ‘Lock Up’ in massive numbers.

    Just keep looking at McHenry County….. it’s com’n!

    Then you won’t think Jeff is so bad a guy.

    Politics has become a ‘sport’ for the lynching the average Joe who at least has the courage to step forward.

    Maybe try it sometime all you big shots who hide behind the ‘suits.’

    For us good guys, and tough guys, we look at you ‘haters’ as nothing put “Pu$$ys!”

    God be with you Jeff and thanks for stepping up.

  2. Getting beaten by no candidate is like getting dressed for the prom with no date….

  3. It’s interesting that the Republican Party would go so far as to tell people that there wasn’t any write in Candidates on the ballot. They even went as far as to tell my election judge they weren’t needed this time and put there judges there. None of my regular judges were in my precinct.

    The party must be really afraid of me. Lets see, they never campaigned out here till I ran for County board . Since then they have signs all over the place. Even when I’m not running for their spot. Keeps them working.
    I see there are new faces running this election must be dis-satisfied with the people who are on the board. A lot of uncaring people there that don’t care about the taxpayers. Oh don’t worry I’m not going anywhere. As long as I live here I will continue to make them look over their backs. They keep giving me problems. I will remind them who they work for.

    Good luck

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