Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry Returns to the Internet

David Bachmann’s blog, which he calls “Dirty Harry vs. Dirty Keith,” is back on your computer screen, if you click here.

Dave Bachmann puts this sign for Zacatecas, Mexico on his blog.

Bachmann seems intent upon telling the story about what now-fired Deputy Scott Milliman said in his sworn deposition in recently reinstated Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler’s wrongful termination case against McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren.

“Bag man” appears on the screen.  And, search and you find a sizable amount mentioned.

He says the Northwest Herald, which somehow got a copy of the supposedly secret deposition of Scott Milliman in the Federal case, “cherry picked” what the paper put in its article.  Bachmann uses the word “half-truth.”

His recent pieces have been revealing more of the contents of the bowl of fruit.

He cites a Rockford-based Federal Judge’s participation in Woodstock’s Mexican Sister City program.

David Bachmann's Mexican Identification Card.

Bachmann reveals he has working for the Department of Justice in Mexico “during the very time McHenry County had its officers and elected officials in Mexico.”

Bank documents are mentioned, but not revealed, although the name of one local bank and another that whose assets were seized by the FDIC can be found in what Bachmann wrote.  A third Elgin bank remains unnamed.

Something about Genoa seems to be forthcoming.

He shows photos of an FBI wire supposed worn by Milliman in an investigation into Nygren.

Now-suspended computer expert Deputy Greg Pyle’s name comes up.

Bachmann does all of this from a “first person” perspective.

The series of articles are headed,

Re-Opening Cases!

Somehow, I’ll be a lot of people are copying and saving the most recent posts on “Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry.”

That’s because one can never be sure when Bachmann will take his blog down.

And Bachmann has written,

“When we post the entire story and name names, you will not only be stunned by what Deputy Milliman has claimed, you will also have some information nobody has ever heard before. “


Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry Returns to the Internet — 4 Comments

  1. I guess the biggest problem is our reluctance to believe the level of corruption in the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department, and County politics, in general.

    It takes courage to stand up to this corruption; we now have people willing to put themselves out there with the truth.

    The very least we can do is give them our support.

    After all, we pay in dollars and our own civil liberties when bullying prevails.

  2. The saying that immediately comes to mind: “Where there’s smoke – there’s fire.”

    I for one am very frightened.

    The bank he mentions is MY bank!

    For thirty-six years I have trusted them!

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