Dave Bachmann Continues His Story: Keith Nygren Meets with Scott Milliman, Milliman Meets with FBI

If you are not following the story about Keith Nygren from David Bachmann’s (the 2008 Democratic Party’s 2008 candidate for McHenry County Coroner) point of view, you might find it of interest.

With the decision on naming a Special Prosecutor for Sheriff Nygren due Monday, the allegations being laid out by Bachmann, which seem mainly based on a 2010 election night conversation with Deputy Scott Milliman, are far more serious than what Associate Judge Thomas Meyer is considering.

Bachmann repeats what he was told of the meeting of Nygren and Milliman at Vaughan’s Restaurant at the Woodstock corner of Route 47 and old Route 14.

He then tells of the meeting afterward with FBI agents at the K-Mart parking lot and reprises the probably concurrent encounter of Nygren with then-Green Party Sheriff’s candidate Gus Philpott in the Jewel parking lot.

On his way home, Nygren GOP primary opponent Zane Seipler sees Milliman’s car in the parking lot and pulls in to talk to him.

You really need to read the original, but let me excerpt this paragraph:

“According to Milliman, a very loud argument then ensued between himself and the agents! This was when Milliman claims things between he and the FBI began going south very quickly. Seemingly, a ‘trust’ fell apart right there in an FBI vehicle.”

Have to include this subsequent paragraph, too. It brought a “Wow!” to my brain when I read it:

“Upon reflection on former deputy Milliman’s statement that when Nygren arrived at the Vaughn’s Restaurant appearing very disheveled, sweaty and extremely nervous, it is my belief that it is highly possible that an FBI agent tipped off Nygren.”

More to come on Monday, Bachmann writes.


Dave Bachmann Continues His Story: Keith Nygren Meets with Scott Milliman, Milliman Meets with FBI — 15 Comments

  1. Woh… that picture really necessary? Remind me to not to open this page in front of my kids…

  2. So Dave, are you more upset with the picture or the act that Nygren wanted performed on another human being?

    That’s what it looks like Dave. Thank God we have some men who are living in the real world and unafraid to give you a glimpse into their world.

    I wonder if Bachmann is bothered by the picture or the fact that he was told he was a target of a death hit?

    Seems to me, he has handled himself very well and doesn’t fear pictures, nor those that apparently want him dead.

    Keep in mind, if you live in McHenry County Dave, your kids are being watched over by the likes of Deputy Sgt. Greg Pyle, a Nygren prodigy, and Nygren himself.

    Hide your kids from them…..!

    Time to Man Up brother! Join the revolution, we are all fed up with the corruption.

  3. First off, Bachmann photo shopped (or is it chopped?) that picture and has plastered it on and off since his blog started (a case of yellow blogging???).

    In typical conspiracy theory fashion, Bachmann takes a few facts (if you can call them facts- they’ve been allegedly given to him second or third hand) and makes leaps into the what he suspects are the rationale behind them. The phrase “It is my belief that it is highly possible” has to be the worst case of qualification I’ve ever read!

    If Nygren, earnestly, made such threats-then let them come to light and be held accountable-and if he made any substantive moves towards the commission of these “acts” then he needs to be held criminally accountable…Oh yeah, the FBI, ISP, nor SA isn’t interested in (as of now-according to Bachmann) going forth with any of them.

    And before the conspiracy crew breaks out on me-No, I’m not an employee of MCSO-No, I’m not a Nygren crony. I am someone interested in facts over conspiracies…although that doesn’t look as sexy in print.

  4. For the record- Bachman was the Democratic Candidate- but not a candidate of the Democratic party…. They didn’t encourage him, ask him or recruit him… and he is not active amongst the party.

    I, as a Democrat, do not want to be associated with him. Period.

  5. SA has never weighed in on what he wants to do. He says he doesn’t want to look at these things because it will cost the taxpayer too much money if he begins to investigate his client.

    Conflicts and all.

  6. “Really” claims that I photo shopped that picture? Really, really? Talk about a person with an imagination.

    That is pure fabrication of truth….Google Hanging man and you might see that very photo because that is how I found it.

    Therefore, by virtue of what you have just falsely published, you have zero credibility. I am always amazed by those who think they know what another is doing when they dont even know the guy!

    Second, my recent postings are not about what I saw or heard, I am telling you what Deputy Milliman claimed he witnessed vs what the NW Herald had printed.

    I am also telling what the FBI thinks and why……I’m in the middle of the story folks, keep reading. You might be surprised how it all ends.

    But I was right about Deputy Pyle more than two years ago though wasn’t I? I got the same B.S. from the same people. I read a statement by an Idiot like “really” who claimed I had “Slandered the name of a good deputy!”

    Really? I did? Truth is an absolute defense… try me and you might find the rest of the story.

    And “Really” you’re a coward, hiding behind a ‘screen name.’ Be gone with you now, “Coward!”

    As far as the Democratic Party of McHenry County… I just laugh… I was not, and never have been a Democrat!!!

    I guess you never realized why I sabotaged my own campaign making certain I could never win (if you recall, in the primary I was the highest vote getter on the ballot)

    I would NEVER associate myself with the likes of the idiots who are in the McHenry County Democratic party…..

    Truth is the McHenry County Democratic Party can’t find anybody to recruit because they can see right thru all of you. Just ask Mike Mahon.

    You’re all fools who got suckered. I was gathering information, I was not there to run any campaign!


  7. I googled it…even quoted your name-came back with 310 pictures but only found the photo you mention-dated 2 days ago and from this article. Guess that’s your conclusive proof that I’m “a person with imagination”.

    I do like the name calling-it’s a sign of someone who can’t quite form a cogent argument.

    BTW, I never claimed you slandered Pyle-but that remains yet another example of someone who uses emotion in lieu of stating facts.

    Facts are all I require-not conjecture. That fails to make me a fool, a person with imagination nor an idiot.

    I do have to wonder why my supposition that one establish facts has managed to cause someone who purports to be justly situated upon mounds of same to be so emotional…

  8. Let me help you out “Really”

    So, your claim that I ‘photo shopped’ the pic, still stands?

    Is that my face on a hanging body, is that what you are claiming for Cal’s readers?

    Really, “Really.”

    My application of wording, stands!


    Now let’s see if you have the courage to post an “Im sorry I published an incorrect assertion.”

    Use your real name will you….These screen names are in themselves ‘idiotic!’

    Have a good life. But thanks for playn’

  9. David, I incorrectly asserted you created this photo. My goal was to prevent a previous poster (Notapolitician) from concluding the image was some ominous threat presented to you.

    It is, as you point out a stock photo my mis-characterization is only bested by your implication, by omission, that the image was anything more.

    Such a horrid image should have some foundation indicating the origin-I incorrectly assumed you photoshopped it to further sensationalize your claims-seems you merely posted it to further sensationalize your claims.

    I guess our exchange represents a serious flaw in web blogs, without proper context and foundation-assumptions are too easy to make. That is the premise I make when I ask for truths, not 2nd or 3rd hand statements and qualifiers presented as truths.

    I’m sure you wouldn’t want your name battered based upon anything but.

    Now, as for my name-that one I’ll pass on.

  10. “Really,” I appreciate your words.

    The story you are obviously reading, with all due respect, is not second or third hand?

    I clearly tell my readers that the words I am printing came straight from the mouth of Scott Milliman. That would make my report, first hand information.

    You state 2nd or 3rd hand. Looking at it objectively vs subjectively, doesn’t that again, really show you are guessing? Respectively?

    I have also in fairness to the Sheriff, posted exactly what the FBI had told me, again, first hand. I did not omit these facts. If you did not read that, please scroll down to my bottom post. I write exactly what I was told my an FBI agent. I name him by name. I’m not hiding any facts as I have been told, FIRST hand.

    Again with respect, you do not have anyway of knowing what has taken place surrounding my family and I due to what I can assure you, was a very seriously taken threat.

    Further, since you have been so kind, I will tell anybody reading all this, that Scott Milliman has hundreds upon hundreds of documents, of which, are not documents that Scott sat down and created in order to for some reason, chance losing his job and his life.

    I honestly do not know what to believe as you might imagine. I know what I’ve seen, first hand, and I have experience working in the very arena Milliman’s documents suggest.

    I can tell you that I have had no less than three others, one man working for the US Dept of State, a man now a retired Special Agent Specializing in Organized Crime, in particular “Financial Crimes.”

    And the third man I will not identify anything about.

    I wrote two years before Greg Pyle was arrested, that something about him tells me he is not what he appeared to be. Turned out I was correct. Im not pleased that I was, I can assure you.

    I do not understand why an image of a man hanging , in your mind, has no foundation as it relates to me?

    Are we not charged with a crime if we lie to police?

    Why would I have any reason to NOT have believed an Active Duty, McHenry County Deputy when he looks me straight in the eye and tells me that Sheriff Nygren told him to “Hang Me.”

    I can tell you that 3 agencies came to me to tell me the very same thing as the word leaked out. Although you might not want to believe the Sheriff could do such a thing, what would you have done, or believed.

    I have never ever wrote what I’m writing to you. Im doing it because I appreciate positive communication.

    When I was told about this, I sent Sheriff Nygren AND his attorney James Sotos a letter. I told them I would be willing to meet with them at a place of THEIR choosing, to straighten this all out.

    I have no fear of death….I have been given my last rights three times due to past serious accidents and an illness.

    Sheriff Nygren nor his attorney ever answered my letter.

    SO, perhaps our perspectives are different.

    I know had it been I who was falsely accused by one of my own men pf such a horrific act, I would have picked up the phone myself and addressed the issue.

    I value all life. Although I am up for any “Political” war so to speak, I would NEVER wish ANY harm befall Sheriff Nygren nor his family.

    My goal was to show the Sheriff that the NW Herald Article aimed at me just before the 2008 election was false. I incorrectly assumed that when I was living in Hebron, that Sheriff Nygren was on the job. I never knew about any of his other homes.

    Why did I believe he was on the job. Because I’ve known of Keith Nygren since I was in High School. I had absolutely no reason to harbor anything other than positive feelings towards the Sheriff.

    As I told the FBI, I would have even supported his campaigns over the years had I’d been living in McHenry County at the time he became Sheriff.

    Bottom line was that when my family and my neighbors needed him the most, we got nothing. Im sure you are aware of what Im talking about had you been following my rantz.

    When people come to tell you that a man wants you dead, I suggest you take it seriously.

    People that claim to know me, do not. They may have known me sometime many, many years ago, but as we grow older, we are not that same person.

    I have lived a very private life since 1994, much of which has not even been within the US.

    I’d not rely upon thing’s floating around out there as being ‘real.’

    If you really want to know me, my door is always open to anybody.

    As a secretary for a US Attorney in another jurisdiction told her boss one day, David Bachmann is the scariest man “Online,” and one of the nicest people I’ve ever spent time with face to face.

    I agree with you in that this medium of communication is horrible. I’d rather a man say things he believes in, that to find a man who says things he is unwilling to stand up to.

    I use my real name, I have no reason not to.

    I’d like nothing more than to be told there was and is nothing to any of this, but it appears that is not happening.

    I would like nothing more than to sit with Keith Nygren, the man, perhaps we would both get a very nice surprise.

    Thank you for standing up when you saw the truth.


    David Bachmann

    PS. I KNOW my spelling and Grammar is off…. Im getting old, I cannot see these bright screens very well. So much of what I type is hit or miss. But, the point can still be gleaned. Obviously!

    ANYBODY who wants to write me can very safely do so at


    I am telling Milliman’s story because I feel I owe it to him since he was the man who told law enforcement that my life was in danger. Come this weekend, my blog is again down.

    I will allow the law to take its place in history on this case.

    Thanks again.

  11. Mr Bachman,

    I have to ask, if you have so much scathing information to present, why are you shutting down (again).

    I have followed your blog for a while now and this seems to be cyclical-you present some “damaging” information, hint at more to come-then shut down.

    Honestly, it’s enough to make me question your veracity…

  12. Quote: I am also telling what the FBI thinks and why……Unquote

    You know what “the FBI” thinks, and why the whole agency thinks whatever it is you think they think?

    …wow. How do you know what the FBI thinks, or why do you believe you know?

  13. Hey folks. Skip forward now to 2020.

    Dave Bachmann moved to the Philippines where he is now telling everyone he was working with the FBI while infiltrating the Mob.


    I did some google and found your page here.

    The truth is he’s been in the Philippines sharing porn videos he did with her and, surprise he did ANOTHER public plea for money to cover medical expenses “to save his life” on gofundme.

    Sound familiar?

    Yeah because he did the exact same thing in 2012 (documented on this website) to get not only cash but a car as well.

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