Questions that State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi May Be Asked, If He Testifies in the Trial to Determine If a Special Prosecutor Should Be Named to Probe Sheriff Keith Nygren

During the Monday morning hearing before Associate Judge Thomas Meyer, he referred to a letter that Zane Seipler attorney Blake Horwitz had sent McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi.

Because what is mentioned in the February 1, 2011, letter may be brought up in questioning of Bianchi, should he testify in the trail to determine his availability to investigate Sheriff Keith Nygren on allegations brought forward by Seipler in his effort to get a Special Prosecutor named, McHenry County Blog reproduces the letter below:

Blake Horwitz

Besides the allegation of the 7-pointed campaign star being placed on county property tax taxpayer expense, other questions involve whether Bianchi’s office would investigate and, if probable cause is found, prosecute Nygren for allegations

  • “relative to the solicitation of murder concerning Judge [Conrad] and David Bachmann”
  • “relative to Illegal transportation of Hispanic from Mexico to McHenry County”
  • “referable to conspiring with Jose Rivera in the generation of fraudulent loan documents”
  • “referable to conspiring with Jose Rivera to cause the dismissal of criminal allegations lodged against drivers”

Horwitz’ letter also asks Bianchi if the following statement is accurate:

“There is a policy at MCSA to not prosecute or investigate Sheriff Nygren as he is client of the MCSA.

“Sheriff Nygren is a client of the MCSA in civil cases. To prosecute or investigate Sheriff Nygren while he is
also a client in civil cases would create a conflict.

“If the MCSA had to withdraw its appearance on behalf of Mr. Nygren in connection with the civil cases, there would be significant costs to tax papers as private counsel would most likely have to be employed to defend Mr. Nygren. The costs of private counsel can be expensive.”

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