Duckworth Chickens Out on Monthly Debates

Joe Walsh at his first post-election Town Hall Meeting, held in McHenry.

Actually, I guess the Democratic Party challenger to Joe Walsh in the 8th District could be better described as having turned tail and walked away.

In any event, here is Walsh’s press release indicating to me that Tammy Duckworth’s campaign is going to be so, so controlled.

Pretty reminiscent of that of Melissa Bean.

The press release follows:

Duckworth Rejects Walsh’s Offer of Monthly Debates

More than a week ago, Congressman Joe Walsh reiterated his call for at least one debate with Tammy Duckworth per month beginning in April.

Unfortunately, Tammy flatly rejected the congressman’s offer.

She is proving time and again that her main priority is not speaking to the residents of the district.

“Even though Tammy found time to appear on MSNBC last week, this confirms she has no interest in debating Congressman Walsh on the issues,” said Walsh spokesman Christian Morgan.

“It is not unusual for a candidate like Tammy Duckworth to avoid debating the issues directly in front of voters, but this year is too important for that,” said Walsh spokesman, Christian Morgan.

“Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod and the other Washington, DC insiders may have picked the winner of the Democrat Primary, but the voters will pick their next Congressman.

“This November’s election is the most important election in our country’s history and the voters of the 8th District deserve to hear from the two candidates directly.”


Duckworth Chickens Out on Monthly Debates — 13 Comments

  1. Saying Tammy Duckworth “Turned tail and walked away” is an offensive choice of words for a wheel chair-ridden, legless, veteran.

  2. Oh, please!

    Your political correctness is nauseating.

    She is obviously not a good candidate if she is already running from debate.

    Oh, my bad!

    She can’t run according to your PC speech!

  3. No, it is offensive.

    But it’s easy to write first and then not think about the implications.

    When I was a young reporter I almost described Roland Burris as a “dark-horse candidate” before a wiser, older editor pointed it out and saved me.

    Walsh’s call for never-ending debates is a sign of weakness.

    Weaker candidates always want more debates because it gives them free media they might not be able to afford otherwise.

    Stronger candidates don’t need to give their opponents free publicity, so they’re always accused of being cowardly.

    There will be debates, just not as soon or as often as Joe might want.

    Walsh has burned too many bridges with the GOP leadership and I predict will have trouble raising money, at least from the mainstream GOP (see Mazullo/Kinzinger for details). It is a top-tier race but in the end I think the NRCC will focus on seats it has a better chance of defending, like Dold and Schilling.

  4. Oops, I meant Manzullo, not Mazullo.

    The guy’s been my congressman for 20 years so I know how to spell his name.

    I’m just a lousy typist.

  5. Or that she doesn’t need to waste time with debates when she can be out campaigning with citizens in her district?

    This is such a transparent tactic to get a media blast.

    None of his district is even in McHenry County- why is this news?

  6. More talk and no action from the Walsh Paparazzi Brigade!

    Nice word, Cal.

    Joe should give you a medal, though he’d probably yell at you first.

  7. Joe’s district is still McHenry County until Dec 31, 2012.

    Duckworth doesn’t have the ability to debate.

    Then on second thought, she’s probably a good lair like Obama.

  8. No Mark a**wipe. Tammy is not ducking the debates.

    Lt. Col Tammy Duckworth has to serve in the Army Reserves and so cannot debate on that Sunday. Have you ever served your country Mark or far that matter Joe Walsh.

    Enjoy your last year in office Walsh and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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