The Democrats Chance to Crack the McHenry County Courthouse

The Republicans who run McHenry County seem to be having some trouble finding a person to fill the slot for Regional Superintendent of Schools.

The requirements are way too strict, having been designed by the Illinois Education Association and adopted by the Illinois General Assembly to increase the probability that someone friendly to the union will hold the office.

Word is that Board Chairman Ken Koehler has someone in mind. I’ve even been told what former county official’s daughter she is.

But, it’s all top secret, hush, hush–at least officially–until the April 13th meeting of the Health and Human Services Committee, according to the Northwest Herald.

But what if something happens to this applicant, too?

I wonder if the McHenry County Democratic Party is trying to recruit a just retired administrator for this not-too-strenuous post.

They could nominate someone to be on the fall ballot…the same way the GOP will have to do, if they want someone to vote upon during the General Election.


The Democrats Chance to Crack the McHenry County Courthouse — 2 Comments

  1. This is a useless expenditure for the county. One of many. Just going to be another job for someone with connections.

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