Chris Krug Moves on Down the Line

Former Group Editor, among other titles, at the Northwest Herald has moved on.

He still lives in Cary, but now he is Publisher of Pioneer Press, a chain of weekly newspapers owned by the Chicago Sun-Times.

The heading of Chris Krug's Twitter page says he is a Vice President of Sun-Times Media.

The chain used to have papers in Crystal Lake (a long time ago, but during the heyday of competition locally) and, more recently, in Algonquin-Lake in the Hills and Cary-Grove, but as the sources of advertising have diminished, the chain has been retrenching.

In any event, Krug now has his own empire, but his gain, is the loss of those who enjoyed his columns on the Cary Grade School District.

In announcing his resignation, the Northwest Herald did not tell readers where Krug was going.


Chris Krug Moves on Down the Line — 5 Comments

  1. Thank God. That guy is a waste of brain cells. Good Bye and Good Riddance.

  2. Sorry “About Time” Chris was very contemporary in our County….he knew what was going on, you probably do not.

  3. A very mean-spirited person….glad he is gone from McHenry County’s newspaper.

    And he basically drove another weekly straight into the ground with his lazy, hands-off approach toward managing in Grayslake.

  4. He is driving The Sun Time Media into the ground as well. Look at the numbers.

    They are dropping everyday. every dog gets his day.

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