Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge Supporters Request Public Assistance

Here's the area under consideration for designation as the Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge.

I think it was Last week when my scanner was not connecting to my computer that the post card was put in our mailbox.

The back of the post-election post card that looked like a campaign piece, but wasn't.

It is from “Friends of Hackmatack,” the group pushing for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to designate a Northern Illinois-Southern Wisconsin area as the “Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge.”

A meeting will be held tonight at the McHenry County Conservation District’s Lost Valley Visitor Center in Glacial Park off Route 31 north of Ringwood from 5-8.

On Wednesday, a similar meeting will be held in Genoa City at the Brookwood Middle School.

Links for comments on the proposal are listed on the addres side of the post card.

Those without the time or sufficient interest to attend in person can offer comments at

The comment period ends April 27th.

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A friend of McHenry County Blog snapped this photo at the open house Tuesday evening:

Folks examining what the U.S. Fish & Wildlife officials had to present about the proposed Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge.


Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge Supporters Request Public Assistance — 3 Comments

  1. Do taxpayers need another hand in their pockets?


    The people who want this should get out their checkbooks.

    I vote NO!!

  2. Plan C, which is the peferred plan, includes a large residential area.

    The residents did not receive these postcards and most did not know about the meetings.

    Also, I believe FAA requirements state no aircraft shall fly lower than 2000 feet over a National Wildlife Refuge.

    Does this mean the demise of Galt Airport since it is included in the preferred plan C area?

  3. My property is in the proposed Plan C.

    Do not know how this will affect us.

    Anyone else in the proposed area?

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