Annual Grafton Town Meeting Tuesday Night

In fact, all seventeen McHenry County Townships will be holding their annual town meetings on Tuesday night.

Grafton’s has been the most interesting for the past three years because of the contention among the two sides.

At all three meetings since Linda Moore won the election for Township Supervisor, the fight has revolved around the township hall that the old board illegally approved.  (And, that’s not my opinion, it is that of Circuit Clerk Judge Michael Caldwell and the 2nd Appellate Court, which upheld his decision.)

In any event in the first meeting, in 2009, there was a tie vote to approve a new township hall.

The motion lost, because ties lose.

In the 2010 meeting Moore marshaled enough people who want the township loan paid off that her forces carried the day.

Last year, Moore was unsuccessful in getting a majority of the meeting attendees on her side.

As was the case last year, there will be two meetings, one right after the other.

Location of Heineman Middle School, 725 Academic Drive, Algonquin

Both will be held at Heineman Middle School, 725 Academic Drive, Algonquin.

The first starts at 6 PM. You can see the agenda below:


PUBLIC NOTICE GRAFTON TOWNSHIP 2012 SPECIAL ANNUAL MEETING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, to the legal voters, residents of the Town if Grafton Township in the County of McHenry and State of Illinois, that the Annual Town Meeting of said Township will take place on Tuesday, April 10, 2012, being the second Tuesday of the said month, at the hour of 6:00 PM at Heineman Middle School, 725 Academic Drive, Algonquin, IL 60102 for the transaction of the miscellaneous business of the said Township; and after a Moderator having been elected, will proceed to hear and consider reports of officers, and decide on such measures as may, in pursuance of law, come before the meeting; and especially to consider and decide the following:

I. Call to Order

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Explanation of Procedures

IV. Selection/Oath of Moderator

A. Nomination for Moderator

B. Close of Nominations for Moderator

C. Vote to Elect Moderator

D. Administration of Moderator’s Oath of Office

E. Signing of Moderator’s Oath

V. Adoption of Rules

A. Discussion and possible action on Motion to adopt Robert’s Rules of Order as the sole rules of Grafton Township with no amendments for the 2012 Annual Town Meeting.

VI. Approval of the Minutes from the April 12, 2011 Special Annual Town Meeting.

VII. New Business

Pursuant to 60 ILCS 1/30-10, The objects of the meeting, which are relevant to the powers granted to the electors under the Illinois Township Code, are as follows: The electors, having had their authority ignored and contravened by the Township Trustees and Road Commissioner, make the following direction regarding the property commonly known as 10109 Vine Street, Huntley, Illinois, pursuant to the authority of the electors, 60 ILCS 1-30-50, to make all orders for the sale, purchase or conveyance of Township corporate property (including the direct sale of single township road district property). The electors specifically find that the deed to the property has not been transferred as required by resolution 2010 ATM 1 and that the actions taken in the Intergovernmental Agreement dated February 10, 2011 were not authorized by the electors. The electors find these actions to be willful violations of the direction of the electors. As a result, the electors deem to be in the best interest and conductive to both the Road District and Township that:

A. The Road District, within ten (10) days, deliver warranty deed to the property located at 10109 Vine Street, Huntley, Illinois to Grafton Township and legally described in resolution 2010 ATM 1. In lieu of any balance remaining on the sale price provided by the electors at the 2010 annual meeting owed by Grafton Township, the Grafton Township Road District shall pay no rent to Grafton township for the term of the lease between Grafton Township as landlord and Grafton Township Road District as tenant for the garage portion of the premises, other than provided in elector resolution 2010 ATM 1, for a period of twenty (20) years. The electors specifically do not authorize any additional leases of any real property between Grafton Township and Grafton Township Road District except a twenty year lease of the garage portion of 10109 Vine Street to the Grafton Township Road District under the terms provided herein and in resolution 2010 ATM 1. To the extent that any other leases have been executed outside of this authority, Grafton Township Road District and Grafton Township are directed to take all steps necessary to cancel said agreements, including the Intergovernmental Agreement dated February 10, 2011. Pursuant to this authority, the electors require that any debts incurred as a result of, incident to, or for the purpose of effectuating the transfer, at any time by any entity, of 10109 Vine Street be extinguished, defeased, or repaid to the greatest extent permitted by law within ten (10) days.

B. A resolution of the electors to direct the Township Supervisor to engage the services of a Realtor, for a fee not to exceed six percent (6%) of the sales price, to auction or otherwise sell the property on Haligus Road under the authority and conditions contained in Resolution No. 2010 ATM 8. Further, the resolution shall censure the Town Board for failing to accept an offer of $100,000 for the township property at 9260 Haligus Road pursuant to the Resolution No. 2010 ATM 8, of the electors at the April 2010 Annual  Meeting of the electors filed by the township clerk April 19th, 2010.

VIII. Public Comment

IX. Adjournment

The agenda of the regular Town Meeting is below:

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