Linda Moore Gives Reasons for Paying Off the Township Hall Debt

Linda Moore

With the election for Grafton Township officials up next spring, both sides are gearing up to get their messages across. Below you see what Township Supervisor Linda Moore mailed out. It was paid for by her campaign fund.

Linda Moore, Grafton Township Supervisor

13904 Harmony Road
Huntley, IL 60142
April 3, 2012

Dear Grafton Township Voters,

As the April 17th income tax deadline approaches, I am sure you are as frustrated with the waste in government as I am.

Over the last few years, Grafton Township residents have been subjected to a gross and unreasonable waste of tax dollars. Our prior board made inappropriate decisions regarding the sale, purchase, building and lease of Township properties. My election to office in 2009, coupled with a citizens’ initiated lawsuit against the Grafton Township Board, resulted in a successful referendum against the building of an unnecessary multi-million dollar town hall. We still have three of the same Trustees, the same Assessor and Road Commissioner in office who gave their full support to the unlawful acts.

They have tried everything possible to remove me from office. They have spent the last three years trying to usurp my authority. Typical of “spin politics”, they blame me for their wasteful spending on legal bills and on lawsuits. (They even voted against using “Roberts Rules of Order” at our township board meetings. Insults and personal attacks towards me are the daily “norm” in this political environment.)


If we didn’t have these legal bills, we could decrease the township levy.

Some law firms encourage discord on township boards thereby running up their bills and increasing the law firm’s profits. In our case, one lawyer was restrained from acting or attempting to act as the township attorney.

Thankfully, township government is unlike any other form of government. We have Annual Town meetings where any current Grafton Township registered voter can vote on certain Township business items.

On April 10th at 6:00 PM there will be a Special Grafton Town Meeting to address those items your trustees would not allow on the agenda for the 7:00 PM Annual Grafton Town Meeting. These meetings will be held at Heinemann Middle School, 725 Academic Drive, Algonquin, Illinois.

The Road Commissioner borrowed $700,000 to buy the township property, thereby generating a large amount of cash to contribute toward the town board’s failed new town hall project. You, the electors, told our township board to pay back our Commissioner’s loan two years ago. But, they didn’t. He has surplus funds from over levying in a money market and can retire this debt. Instead, our Commissioner is paying 5% interest on the loan while holding the surplus funds for the last twelve months earning less than 1% interest.

This does not make sense. He is even asking the township to pay him back rent on an unlawful lease.

(The electors never gave the required mandatory approval of this lease for the township offices or the purchase of the township property). You can vote to direct the Road Commissioner and Town Board to return the property deed and retire this debt within 10 days by YOUR direct action at the 6:00 PM meeting.

In fact, your vote will make a difference in court.

By voting yes to the agenda items at the 6:00 PM Special Grafton Town Meeting and no to the resolution at the 7:00 PM Annual Grafton Town Meeting you will make it clear to the court that you want this debt retired and the property deed returned now.

PLEASE COME AND VOTE! Plan to attend both meetings and come early to sign in. Feel free to call me with any questions or for additional information at 1-847-630-6325.


Linda Moore
Grafton Township Supervisor

Paid for by Committee to Elect Linda Moore, no tax dollars were used to send you this message.


Linda Moore Gives Reasons for Paying Off the Township Hall Debt — 2 Comments

  1. Linda initiates multiple lawsuits and now BLAMES OTHERS for Grafton’s humongous legal bills.

    Linda can’t keep financial records; still no audit – that’s why Jack hired his own accountant to check the books AGAIN!

    Get some cojones Cal.

    For truth’s sake, set your friendship aside, delve into Linda’s incompetence, call a spade a spade and nail bimbo Linda’s head to the wall.

    Report the names of the enablers that contribute to the “Committee to Elect Linda Moore.”

    You’re a tax fighter Cal.

    You can do this for all of us taxpayers that have been screwed by the election of Linda Moore.

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