Linda Moore Uses Robo-Call as Last Minute Reminder

Where Heinemann Middle School is located.

Grafton Township voters got a robo-call from Township Supervisor Linda Moore this afternoon

It reminded them of the Annual and Special Town Meetings tonight starting at 6 PM at Heinemann Middle School in Algonquin off Red Barn Road south of Algonquin Road.

Moore asked residents

  • to vote “to have the [Township Hall] property transferred back to the township immediately,”
  • to “Vote no to the lease of the township office by the township”and
  • to “Vote Yes to hiring a realtor to sell the Haligus Road property.”

Grafton Township is not alone in holding its Annual Meeting tonight.

All townships in Illinois are doing so.

Check out the web site for your township to find out where yours is being held.


Linda Moore Uses Robo-Call as Last Minute Reminder — 4 Comments

  1. Cal, who paid for Linda’s robo-calls?

    Linda’s special meeting was officially adjourned immediately after it was called to order.

  2. If Linda Moore knew the special annual township meeting was improperly called – why did she keep telling everyone that the Annual Meeting started at 6?

    All of the signs she posted said 6 PM.

    It is my opinion…that she continued to promote the meeting, and if she would have gotten away with it, she would have put those new resolutions on the agenda for the 7PM meeting.

    This Robo-Call is just another way people are being misled by Moore.

    What our elected officials need to know – is that voters are much smarter than you may realize. We talk to each other, we post comments, and we read! We can and do develop our own opinions, and we will ultimately find the truth.

    One thing is for sure – we are all watching!

  3. It probably wasn’t Moore herself, but one of her close personal friends with very deep pockets. Clearly, they got a good bang for their buck by advertising a meeting to which Moore admitted was illegal. Gee – who could possibly have that kind of cash to burn? Hmmmm…..

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