State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi Will Testify as to “Availability” to Investigate Sheriff Keith Nygren This Afternoon

Lou Bianchi

At 1:30 in Associate Judge Thomas Meyer’s courtroom, McHenry County State’s Attorney will be questioned as to whether he is “available” to investigate and possible prosecute McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren.

That “availability” or lack there of is apparently what the judge will base his decision on concerning whether or not to appoint a Special Prosecutor to pursue Deputy Sheriff Zane Seipler’s charges that the Sheriff used taxpayer resources to advance his political campaign.

Seipler’s attorney Blake Horwitz has argued that, if a Special Prosecutor is named, it should be the Appellate Prosecutor for which McHenry County pays a flat fee each year.

So, tune in tomorrow afternoon to find out what happens.

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