Judge Orders Grafton Township to Pay of Forensicon Bill

"Retaining Client" is the way this contract (identified as a "draft" by Forensicon President Lee Neubecker) characterizes Grafton Township law firm Ancel Glink. Click to enlarge any image.

Left over from the Balance of Powers suit filed by Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore was whether the billwould be paid from the company hired by the Township Trustees to figure out what had happened to the township computer ruled to be under the control of Moore.

Today Judge Michael Caldwell ruled that it would be.


Judge Orders Grafton Township to Pay of Forensicon Bill — 1 Comment

  1. Cal, this has to be one of your most confusingly worded stories I’ve ever seen.

    Did the Judge order Linda to pay the bill?

    Did the Judge rule that the decision to pay the bill was up to Linda?

    Will the bill be paid, and the report be available?

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