Joe Powalowski Resignation Opens Spot on Algonquin Township Board

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If you live in Algonquin Township and would like to try to start a political career, there is a vacancy on the Algonquin Township Board.

Algonquin Township Trustee Joe Powalowski, who was the only Pro-Life Democrat ever to run against me in the 1990’s, has unexpected resigned with almost a year left on his term of office.

Joe Powalowski poses with the sign for himself and Neils Sorensen. Algonquin's Sorensen died while in office and was replaced by Dan Shea of Fox River Grove.

Powalowski is an appointed Republican Precinct Committeeman and served as a Cary Village Trustee prior to being elected to the Algonquin Township Trustee.

Three years ago, some Democrats challenged the Algonquin Township GOP candidates. The Republicans won.

While Powalowski ran last among the GOP Trustee candidates, he got 700 more votes than the nearest Democorat.

Township Supervisor Dianne Klemm is asking those who would like the seat to send resumes by April 30th.

They can be mailed to the township office (3702 U.S. Highway 14, Crystal Lake, IL 60014) or emailed to

Because Powalowski was elected as a Republican, only those with a GOP primary voting record can be considered.

Residence in the township is also a requirement.

More information can be obtained from Klemm at 847-639-2700.

Next February there will be a primary election to decide who will be on the Republican ticket for the April, 2013, general election.

Algonquin Township officials and their home towns follow:

  • Supervisor Dianne Klemm, Crystal Lake
  • Road Commissioner Bob Miller, Cary
  • Assessor Bob Kunz, Fox River Grove
  • Clerk Marc Munaretto, Algonquin
  • Trustee Lowell Cutsforth, Fox River Grove
  • Trustee Linda Lance, Algqonuin
  • Trustee Dan Shea, Fox River Grove


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  1. A Democrat running as a Republican in McHenry County?

    Come on, that would never happen.

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