County Board Set to Tack Another $475,000 on Budget

On March 27, McHenry County’s Finance and Audit Committee discussed emergency appropriations: a pair of contracts for the Planning and Development Department –

  • one for a computer program for their Permitting System and
  • another for their Digital Plan Review in the amount of $427,700 that was not in this year’s budget.  (In addition, there will be an ongoing maintenance fee projected at this time to be $48,000 per year that will continue for the life of the program.)

The motion to approve the non-budgeted contract failed with four nays:

  • Bob Bless
  • John Hammerand
  • Jim Heisler
  • Scott Breeden

There were three ayes:

  • Mary Donner
  • Tina Hill
  • Mary McCann.

The main concern at the time seemed to be that the maintenance costs were not budgeted in Planning and Development, the department that will be using the software.

P&D was not willing to absorb the fees into their budget for this year.  Neither did the IT department budget for this unforeseen expense.

All that changed at the April 10th meeting, when the emergency appropriation was reconsidered.

Hammerand voiced strong concerns that this was not an emergency appropriation and, instead, it should be earmarked as a supplemental or budget item in the 2013 Budget.

Although no department agreed to pay the ongoing maintenance fee from their budgets,  the Finance Committee decided to place it in the non-departmental budget and move it on to the County Board for approval.

There was general agreement that sometime in the future a policy will be drawn up about the allocation of ongoing fees for computer maintenance fees.


County Board Set to Tack Another $475,000 on Budget — 1 Comment

  1. Those three “ladies” never met an expence they didn’t like. RINO’s at best.

    One even supported OBAMA and is a LIBERAL disguised as a Republican.

    It’s really too bad that she doesn’t run as a Democrat, but wouldn’t get elected in this county honestly.

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