McSweeney Outspends Gaffney – $354,000 to $235,000

Kent Gaffney

I have to admit to being astounded at how much Dave McSweeney spent in his Republican Party campaign.

$354,000 or $74.64 per vote.

As I examined State Rep. Kent Gaffney campaign disclosure form, filed in mid-evening, I discovered that he spent less–$235,116,80.

That’s $59.04 per vote.

Both are so, so high…especially compared to third place finisher Danielle Rowe, who spent $7.04 a vote.

Of course, the candidate who spent the most won the election.

Gaffney had $5,800 on hand at the end of the quarter, March 31st.

Gaffney continued to report contributions of $1,000 or more after the end of the reporting period, that is, starting April 1st:

  • $1,000 – TR PAC
  • $22,776 – Citizens for Tom Cross  (for legal fees)

So the cost of the campaign will be even more that $235,000 when all the bills have arrived and, presumably, paid.

The total spent by the three candidates is about $609,000. But that doesn’t include bills paid after April 1st.

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