Crystal Lake Contest Planned to Challenge Strength, Endurance & Skill in July

Looking for mountain men.

But the competition planned is described as a “frontier survival race.”

Well, not exactly, but think Indian skills like hatchet throwing and archery.

How about lumberjack stuff?

Not singing, which is what came to mind I heard about the logging part of the contest.

And, there’s some cowboy stuff–lassoing, fire starting, knots.

Take a look at the entire list of contests:

These are the contests in which people can compete.

Here’s the web site for Crystal Lake’s Rundezvous.

Here's one side of the promotional card that Fred Phoenix handed me.

To register, click here.

$65 is the cost, plus $15 in pennies, just in case you don’t have adequate skills.

Only 300 will be allowed to test their skills, strength and endurance on July 14th.

The event is for both men and women and the schedule is seen below:

And there will be beer, but Fred Phoenix told me that’s after the contests.

There will also be a beard and costume contest.

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