Joe Walsh’s Child Support Press Conference Statement

Joe Walsh asks the media to report this news with the same vigor they reported the suit.

This was recording Thursday, April 19, 2012:

“…not a day has gone by when I haven’t wanted to scream the truth and tell my side of the story on TV or in the newspaper.

“But I didn’t and I won’t because a public fight would have been the worst thing in the world for my kids.”


Joe Walsh’s Child Support Press Conference Statement — 8 Comments

  1. Still neglected his kids. So Cal…why do you give so much press to this bozo? Just how much of McHenry is in the new 8th…yeah I know the old 8th is still you, but seriously this clown is a one-term embarrassment.

  2. Bozo yes, but he’s a tea-bagger; that alone makes Joe wonderful.
    Must be the same reason some still support Linda Moore.

  3. Three people that know NOTHING of the facts and are condemning this man; no wonder the world is in the shape it’s in.

  4. Okay, Cindy, here are the facts, gleaned from court documents:

    Walsh was in arrears on his child support payments to an unspecified degree.

    Walsh’s ex-wife made a demand for that payment and Walsh refused.

    The ex-wife was forced to sue Walsh.

    The court denied Walsh’s motion to immediately dismiss her case, saying that she did, in fact and in law, have a valid complaint for back child support and other payments.

    It took Walsh 16 months to finally agree on a payment to his ex-wife and his children that was satisfactory to them and to the court.

    The amount of the payment is what Walsh wants to keep private.

    Publicly he has repeated stated that he was not in arrears.

    The court decided his ex-wife’s complaint was valid enough not to be dismissed outright, so, Walsh was in arrears.

    Walsh has stated that the complaint was purely political.

    But Walsh’s response was political from the moment the complaint was made public, and continued to be so even in this press conference.

    Based on these facts alone, I condemn this man.

    Based on these facts alone, I say that he put himself above his children’s needs.

    Based on these facts alone, I wouldn’t vote for him as dog catcher.

  5. Taxslayer…it is your types that is all that is wrong with America.

  6. Pro-What?

    I don’t know where you got YOUR facts from, but did you actually listen to the video.

    Did you hear what the man said?

    I see you as pushing your own agenda.

    Why is any of this any of your business?

    Who or what makes you in charge of judging someone else so severely?

    Glean away.

    You are showing your pure hatred with all your jibber.

  7. “But I didn’t and I won’t because a public fight would have been the worst thing in the world for my kids.”

    Then why hold a press conference to say anything at all?

    In the end, Walsh doesn’t do his supporters any favors.

    He may fight their fight in Washington, but he’ll never win new supporters.

    He’s polarizing, and that never bodes well for a long career.

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