Commonwealth Edison Smart Meter Price Surfaces

Dumb electric meter.

It’s not a big secret that I thought the Com Ed-Ameren Smart Meter bill was a scam.

“It’s going to save money.”

That was the pitch.

Now Statehouse News has come up with price tags.

Take a read:

“Anne Pramaggiore, president and CEO of Commonwealth Edison, or ComEd, said in a news release that ‘customers will be able to see for themselves the benefits of this exciting technology as they take greater control over their energy consumption.’

“The smart meters are expected to increase annual electricity costs by an average of $36 annually for ComEd customers and $3.40 for customers of Ameren, southern Illinois’ utility.”

See how much Illinois State Senators who voted “Yes” got in campaign contributions here. Here is the Senate Roll Call.

Here is the House Roll Call. The vote was taken without debate.

Jack Franks communicated his switch to vote in favor of the electric rate hike bill to television reporter Charles Thomas.

Democrat Jack Franks could not resist getting publicity for switching his vote to Com Ed’s position.


Commonwealth Edison Smart Meter Price Surfaces — 3 Comments

  1. Our neighborhood has ComEd flags marking the lawns and a sign that they are installing a smart grid.

    I called ComEd to ask if we could keep our old meter.

    They told me they would charge $21.53 a month to be put on a delay list.

    The charge is to have a meter reader come out.

    I was told that I cannot stop the installation of the smart meter because it was their property and they were upgrading their technology.

    However, it is our home.

    When I asked about the radio frequencies, I was told that it only sends radiation bursts every four hours.

    If in fact that is true, that is still 6 times a day!

    When I mentioned the possible fire and health hazards, the person said that those incidences are from PG&E smart meters.

    In Mchenry, they are installing General Electric smart meters that are UL certified and certified by the Federal Health Association.

    Even so, as I walk my neighborhood, it feels as if they are laying out some kind of electromagnetic fence.

    Is there a legal way to stop smart meters?

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