Dee Beaubien Officially Kicks Off Independent Campaign for State Representative against Dave McSweeney

Dee Beaubien

Jewel Pavilion in Barrington’s Citizens Park was pleasantly packed when Dee Beaubien spoke to friends and supporters about the Independent candidacy that she seeks to mount against Republican Party nominee David McSweeney, also of Barrington.

Staking out her leadership of the Pro-Choice wing of the Republican Party in McHenry County was County Board member Donna Kurtz, who introduced Beaubien.

“I’m here today because I’m a product of the mentoring of the Beaubiens,” Donna Kurtz said.

“Good government is not based on parties.”

There was much emotion as both Kurtz and Beaubien remembered her husband.

“We refuse to simply allow that legacy to slip away.

“Dee Beaubien has earned the trust of this community,” Kurtz continued.

Kurtz’ mother, former Crystal Lake State Rep. Rosemary Kurtz was also in attendance.

Former State Reps Rosemary Kurtz and Suszi Bassi, plus McHenry County Board member Donna Kurtz, above, listen to Dee Beaubien's presentation.

“It’s still early,” Beaubien stressed.

Reflecting on her husband replacement process, she said, “We wanted to get someone to take Mark’s place who would have respect for human rights [and support] everybody’s ability to do what they want with their lives.

“It’s going to be a huge uphill battle,” she continued.

“As I go around getting signatures, I find people are really angry.

“Nobody’s going to tell me what to do [if I get elected].”

Beaubien emphasized that while 1,500 signatures are required to get on the ballot, she plans to obtain 3,000, because she expects a petition challenge from McSweeney.

McSweeney challenged the petitions of both appointed incumbent Kent Gaffney and fellow challenger Danielle Rowe.

Campaign manager Andy Jones will be coordinating the effort out of a 202 Northwest Highway office in Fox River Grove.  The location does not yet have a Beaubien sign out front.

Besides Rosemary Kurtz, former State Representatives gathered in support of Dee Beaubien were Palatine’s Suszi Bassi and Beth Coulson of Glenview.

The room where Dee Beaubien announced after she finished talking.

Other present or past public officials I recognized were Charles Amrich, former Mayor of Island Lake, Crystal Lake City Councilman Jeff Thorsen and Cuba Township Road Commissioner Tom Gooch.


Dee Beaubien Officially Kicks Off Independent Campaign for State Representative against Dave McSweeney — 13 Comments

  1. Those who support Beaubien are not Republicans.

    Donna Kurtz can say whatever she wants to say, but for any Republican to support any candidate other than the Republican nominee, and do so OPENLY, is not a Republican.

    Republican Party memebers, take note.

    Amrich, Thorsen, Kurtz, and Beaubien are not Republicans and they’re not the least bit interested in the Republican Party.



  2. Why do people whose spouses die after, or during holding office think they (by osmosis I guess) deserve to take over?

    I believe this woman is a liberal democrat who is deceiving people with her standing with so-called republicans.

    I do hope people are going to see through this charade.

  3. If I wanted to be a viable candidate, I’d sure keep it a secret that Tom Gooch was supporting me.

  4. Skeptic, I am assuming you don’t know me.

    If you do, you should have called me.

    If you know me and did not call me, well, that would make you a bigger coward than hiding behind an assumed name and tossing out your petzil logic dribble.

  5. Mr. Thorsen, your argument has presented two possible alternatives which depend on a single fact: either you were there at the event supporting independent candidate Beaubien or you weren’t.

    IF you were NOT there, then you are right, and I owe you an apology.

    IF you WERE there, well, then that would support every word I wrote.

    Which is it, Mr. Thorsen?

  6. It’s not my district and it won’t be much, but I guess I’m going to have to send McSweeney some money.

  7. Let us know when you get confirmation that Tom Cross and HRO are behind this.

    Petty jerks.

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