Mike Tryon Wishes “Happy Tax Freedom Day!”

An email from State Rep. Mike Tryon:

Happy Tax Freedom Day!

Mike Tryon

This is a day that fiscal conservatives point to each year as the point where Illinoisans can actually start keeping what they earn.

It really does put the Illinois tax burden into perspective.

Every day worked and dollar earned in January, February, March, and up until today in April, represents on average what we will owe the government in taxes next year.

Yes, today is the day that Illinoisans can celebrate that what they earn for the remainder of 2012 is theirs to spend as they see fit.

In Springfield, many legislators are very mindful of the excessive taxes that Illinoisans pay.

Two House measures, HJRCA 23 and HJRCA 44, fight back at the tax increase Democrats pushed through in January 2011, by requiring future tax increases to be passed by a 3/5ths majority of both the Illinois House and Senate.

Speaker Madigan has tried to defend his caucus members’ votes for the lame-duck tax increase by bottling up these resolutions in the Rules Committee, but House Republicans forcefully debated the issue on the House floor on Wednesday, April 18.

Unfortunately, in the end, the Speaker used his authority to prohibit a vote on the resolutions and his position was upheld in subsequent votes that attempted to overrule him.

The tax issue is one that I will continue to fight for, an on days like today, when we are reminded of just how much of our money we hand over to the government each year, I am renewed in my commitment to fight against further tax increases and to ensure that the tax increase of 2011 remains “temporary.”

I will continue to update you on important issues as they make their way through the legislative process, and as always, if my staff or I can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to call my Crystal Lake office at 815-459-6453.


Michael W. Tryon
State Representative, District 64

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