No Personal Misuse of Local Government Cars, Right?

The following article appeared in the Chicago Tribune today.

It tells of discipline a Tollway employee was given for using his official car for personal purposes.

The Illinois Toll Highway Authority is cracking down on personal use of toll tax-financed cars.

That doesn’t happen in McHenry County, right?

Wait a minute.

Wasn’t that what an IRS audit of Grafton Township discovered?

And, of course, no one would use a government vehicle to attend a political fund raiser, right?


No Personal Misuse of Local Government Cars, Right? — 5 Comments

  1. Bringing Grafton Township into your blogging about the Toll Authority is a S-T-R-E-T-C-H, but hey, that’s what you do Cal.

    Interesting how your mind works.

    The easy tie in to personal use of government cars would have been blogging about Linda letting her young daughter zip around town in the Grafton GA van. Woop . . . right over you head on that one Cal.

    If you want to blog about Grafton you could blog about Linda spending $12K for fixin’s to have her illegal/special meeting and the annual meeting.

    Linda spent $10K on a sound system!

    Why did the taxpayers of Grafton need a sound system?

    Stretch/blog away Cal. 🙂

  2. Cal Skinner is a Linda Moore person?

    That certainly explains a lot of his inane and biased posts…

  3. Please cite the documents from which you extracted your “facts”? If you can’t, why should anyone believe you?

  4. If you got that wrong, I am sure you got other things wrong too! Still no documents to support your accusations.

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