Algonquin Township Officials Start Making Their Election Intentions Known

Bob Kunz

Dianne Klemm

Bob Miller

I’ve been asking Algonquin Township Officials whether they are running for re-election or not.

So far, those in the big three highest paying posts are planning to be on the ballot again in 2013.

They are

  • Supervisor Dianne Klemm
  • Highway Commissioner Bob Miller
  • Assessor Bob Kunz

Clerk Marc Munaretto has not made his intentions known.

Salaries for the last year they will serve in office follow:

  • Supervisor – $64,401.35 (plus $1,000 for serving as Road District Treasurer)
  • Assessor – $81,575.05
  • Clerk – $17,173.70
  • Highway Commissioner – $90,161.89
  • Trustees – $2,290.10 each

The Township Board could raise salaries, of course.


Algonquin Township Officials Start Making Their Election Intentions Known — 4 Comments

  1. How much does the supervisor’s wife make working for the township and being on county board?

    Isn’t there a son-in-law working for the township as well?

    Is there a daughter that works at a law firm getting business from the township?

    Too many family members at the trough?

    Just asking.

  2. To FYI; I think you mean the Road Commissioner’s wife, and yes to all of the rest above.

    Have they ever been employed anywhere but at the Township???

    Townships are outdated, duplicate services, and could well be incorporated into County departments, not that all of them function perfectly either, but, at least, you’d save some administrative costs.

    Supervisors are totally unnecessary and you’re lucky to find them in the office except on a part time basis.

    $65,000+ for part time, WOW!

  3. I believe you mean the Highway Commissioner.

    Northwest Herald did a story a few years back on how intra-connected these local families are- no one seemed to care- they still voted them in.

    How about the musical chairs to avoid violating the open meeting act- which showed to me INTENTION to violate the open meetings act.

    Everyday voters need to care- and then get off their couch.

    Until then- same old, same old…. Keep blaming Springfield.

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