Savvy Cycling Course Set for Crystal Lake, Changes in Store for Motorists

The McHenry County Bicycle Advocates will hold a night ride in Crystal Lake on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning on August 4, 2012. The purpose of the ride is to benefit The Land Conservancy of McHenry County and promote bicycling as an alternate means of transportation and exercise within the City of Crystal Lake.

With the new emphasis of commuting to work on bicycles and more recreational riding a group of veteran bicyclists have put together a three session course in how to use the roads safely.

Eberhard Veit, President of McHenry County Bicycle Advocates, sends the following information about the events, the first of which is free:

Please reserve your spot for the limited space in the hands on class portions Part 2 and Part 3 early as it will probably fill up.

Part 1 is free and space is virtually unlimited and even if you do not get a hands on slot or do not have time on Saturday, we strongly suggest you come to part 1 and let us know that you are interesting in future trainings.

Found on the McHenry County Bicycle Advocates web site.

This course comes highly recommended and will give you the confidence to ride your bicycle anywhere you want or need to in a safe manner.

Even I, Eberhard, after 50 years of riding in traffic, have learnt some new valuable techniques that serve me well on my every day commutes on the road and or fun rides on trails.

How to become a Savvy Cyclist:

Part 1: The truth & technique of traffic cycling,
Friday, May 11, Algonquin Township Offices
3702 U.S. Highway 14, Crystal Lake
(Use rear basement entrance)
6 – 9 pm (Free)

Part 2: Train your bike!
Saturday, May 12, 149 S. Virginia Road,
Crystal Lake
8:30 – 11:30 am ($30)

On May 16th, there will be a Ride of Silence to commemoate those killed while bicycling. Details on the web site.

Part 3: Tour of Crystal Lake
Saturday, May 12, 149 S. Virginia Road
Crystal Lake
1 – 4:30 pm ($30)

Register here.

The results of the training will be felt by McHenry County motorists.

The group’s Vice President Todd Nelson explains a bit about expected changes:

“Over the next few months or years, McHenry County road users can expect to see more cyclists riding three to six feet into the travel lane on roadways around the county, requiring motor vehicle traffic to completely change lanes in order to obey the three-foot passing law of the state (625 ILCS 5/11-703(d)).
“Cyclists will be in the center to the left side of the lane when nearing intersections with left-turning oncoming traffic.  More cyclists will be off of the sidewalks and out of roadway shoulders unsuitable for bicycle travel and onto the roadway.

“You can also expect to see more cyclists stopping for stop signs and red lights, waiting in the queue to proceed through the intersection rather than filter ahead on the right.

“Cyclists will yield right of way at four-way stops and uncontrolled intersections and yield to pedestrians.

“They will use their arms to give proper turn signals and signal to stop.

“They will make eye contact with motorists and acknowledge right of way with the wave of a hand or nod of the head.  Cyclists will be safe and confident in traffic.”

Below is the flyer:

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