2012 Chicago Junior Rowing Championships Fill Crystal Lake Main Beach Parking Lot

The Crystal Lake Rowing Club sponosred the Chicago Junior Rowing Championships May 5, 2012.

I don’t know if many of the participants in and spectators of the Chicago Junior Rowing Championships regatta stay overnight in Crystal Lake, but there surely were a lot of cars in the parking lot, plus the overflow flood plain behind the baseball diamond.

This crew is ready to carry its boat to Crystal Lake's Main Beach. Click to enlarge this or any other photo.

I had other things to do most of the morning, but I got a shot of some rowers getting ready to carry their skiff to the Main Beach.

The Loyola Crew heads for the fence of Crystal Lake's Main Beach.

The Loyola crew were at the crosswalk by the time I got back to the Crystal Lake Park District’s Main Beach.

About twelve I headed down to Gate 21 and, as luck would have it, a race was about to begin.

One team was pulling ahead just as the Novice Boys 8 heat began. Two skiffs in the next race are approaching Rumsey's Point

I learned later it was the second heat for Novice Boys 8.  (That undoubtedly means something and maybe someone will enlighten us casual fans in the comment section.)

The team in second place at the beginning of the race can been seen here.

I took a couple of more photos form the edge of the Beach 21 pier and raced to my car.

The second, third and fourth place teams can be seen at the start of the second heat of the Novice Boys 8.

Then it was race to the car and drive to Gate 13 Beach.

There were spectators there.

These folks didn't have to bring their own chairs to watch the heat in comfort.

Down the beach a bit are benches at probably the highest points on the rim of Crystal Lake. An adjoining table with seats was empty.

And, it was off to the Beach at Gate 7.

A man was recording the race from the Gate 7 boat pier. I wonder if he will post the video anywhere.

A man with a video recorder was out on at the end of the boat pier. He brought his own chair.

Those observing the race were dressed warmly. You can see by the waves that a breeze was blowing in the 50 degree weather.

At the other end of the beach there benches held rowing fans.

And off to see the finish of the race at Gate 3.

I startled a mallard as I approached the blocked off boat pier at Gate 3 in Lakewood. The race was almost finished.

And the winning crew crosses the finish line.

The big red ball seems to show where the race ends.

The arms of the cockswain are thrown up in victory.

The cockswain celebrates the victory of his team. Click to enlarge.

The faces on the young men who finished second are not so joyful.

The second place team was about a boat length behind.

I drove to the Main Beach and caught these young men carrying their skiff up the incline.

These Camp Randall guys look a bit tired.

I’m not sure if these two crews are coming or going. Maybe one in and one out.

One of the teams is Ignatius. What's the one on the right?

I found out the winner of the race was New Trier’s B Team.

The crowd was strung out for the most of the shoreline of Crystal Lake.

Sweat suits, blankets and coats were the order of the day.

The wind was brisk but not unpleasant.

Tomorrow the Women’s 8 Varsity Race.


2012 Chicago Junior Rowing Championships Fill Crystal Lake Main Beach Parking Lot — 2 Comments

  1. The novice 8 boys team on the left (wearing the red) in your picture with St. Ignatius is the Crystal Lake Rowing Club (CLRC) team.

    The novice team is comprised of first year rowers.

    The CLRC is a compilation of high school rowers in the Crystal Lake area, inlcuding Crystal Lake, Huntley, Barrrington, and Elgin.

  2. Steve accurately described what a novice team is.

    Due to the large number of teams competing (1-2 boats from 8 different teams), there were two novice 8 heats and one final composed of the first through third place boats of each race.

    I was in the Camp Randall (Madison, WI) B boat shown here, which came in fifth in the final, with the New Trier (Chicago) B coming in fourth.

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