Message of the Day – Fog

Saturday morning it was foggy.

How foggy?

Take a look at the water tower in McCormick Park next to the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Building.

The Crystal Lake Water Tower in McCormick Park is partially blocked by an ornamental street light paid for by all McHenry County taxpayers through a Tax Increment Financing District.

In the foreground you can see one of the ornamental street lights financed by the Virginia Tax Increment Financing District.

One can tell where the boundaries of the Virginia Street TIF Districts are from these monuments to waste or the location of the $16,000 ornamental street lights on Route 14 in Crystal Lake.

That’s the one with the four $16,000 pillars at its borders on Route 14.

As I will keep repeating, a TIF District is a way for municipal officials to make off with property tax dollars which results in all other tax districts increasing their tax take in order to make up for the difference.

The latest village preparing to take part in this scam is Huntley. The village board is going to create a Downtown TIF District to raise money to make it look better.

That money will come out of the pockets of all McHenry County residents, because county government and the Conservation District cover Downtown Huntley.

I remember reading in either the First Electric Newspaper or the Northwest Herald that Trustee Pam Fender asked if the TIF District would raise taxes.

She accepted the consultant’s assurance that it was not.

The consultant was not telling the truth.

And that brings us back to our “Message of the Day”.


Maybe the TIF consultant was just blowing smoke.


Message of the Day – Fog — 2 Comments

  1. The fog can help cover up the ugly lights and monuments.

    Cannot wait to sit on the benches along 14 when I wait for a bus.

    Oh, wait, there are no buses.

    Well, I can always enjoy sitting there after it snows or rains and enjoy getting the slop thrown back onto me from the passing cars.

    All of this, such a fine use of money.

    We can be so proud.

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