The Problems of County Board Member Bob Bless

Bob Bless

Columbia Journalism School grad Pete Gonigam, Editor of the First Electric Newspaper, wrote an article last Thursday about the legal problems of District 1 McHenry County Board member Robert Bless.

Bless is running for re-election this fall, along with two other incumbents and one who lost the 2010 primary election and seeks a comeback.

The Democrats are running only one candidate.

Gonigam reports information from the Cook County Sheriff’s Department, where Bless is employed.

Gonigam talked to Bless at the Rolling Meadows Cook County Circuit Court, where he is stationed.

In addition, Gonigam mentions the open Attorney and Disciplinary Commission’s investigation.   You can read the complaint here.

On top of that Gonigam reports on a Cook County Grand Jury investigation.

There’s also a civil suit that Gonigam uncovered.

Since he did the research, you should go to the original source.


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    Thanks for reminding me of one of the reasons I like your site (and you).

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