Fox River Grove Truck in Libertyville

Cell phone cameras are everywhere.

No wonder policemen not wanting scrutiny oppose allowing people to use them while they are on duty.

Consider the following photo of a Fox River Grove village pickup truck a Friend of McHenry County Blog was following in Libertyville recently:

The plate, starting with an "M," "is a municipal one. The full plate is M149474. Click to enlarge.


Fox River Grove Truck in Libertyville — 2 Comments

  1. Oops, it looks like you accidentally hit post without including the damning evidence of wrongdoing. Suggesting that this photo demonstrates such is a bit silly. Or are you coyly saying, “Just the facts, maam! You be the judge! (wink)”

  2. As salacious as this may outwardly appear, there could be a number of legitimate reasons for a FRG vehicle to be in Libertyville. Perhaps this worker was picking up a part/equipment/order/material for a FRG project? Maybe the employee is off to some sort of work related training/conference/mutual aid endeavor.

    Cal, you’re a better investigative blogger than this. Why recycle someone else’s (unverified) picture. Honestly, this pic could be of anything from anywhere, at anywhere.

    If one is going to castigate another, don’t base it upon supposition and innuendo-it’s beneath you and all of us.

    I recommend filing a FOIA and see what this worker’s purpose was…for all we know, this may not even be a FRG work truck and it may not even be in Libertyville…too many assumptions to ruffle my feathers.

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