McHenry’s Ex-Mayor’s Son on Hot Seat for City Club Leadership

Sure the President of Chicago’s City Club, Jay Doherty, has the same last name as former McHenry Mayor and McHenry County Board member Don Doherty.

But your parochial McHenry County Blogster never put the two together.

The headline of the Chicago Magazine article on Jay Doherty.

Now, Chicago Magazine is running an article about the younger Doherty mixed business with his running of the City Club after he took over from Tom Roeser.

My served on a jury with Don Doherty while he was still running a drug store on Green Street in McHenry.

After one-man, one-vote reapportionment was ordered for legislative bodies by the U.S. Supreme Court, Doherty and Chuck Weingart were elected to the McHenry County Board as Democrats.

Both were defeated for re-election and had an epiphany.

Being Republicans was the way to public office.

And they were both re-elected the next time out as Republicans.

I think that they were the frontrunners, showing that a lot of Democrats vote in Republican primary elections.

But, back to the article.  Here’s the McHenry County connection:

“The son of the mayor of McHenry, Illinois, Doherty was steeped in Democratic politics from an early age.

“He attended Marquette University, where he displayed an ability for making advantageous connections.

“Doherty got started in politics working on Sargent Shriver’s 1976 presidential campaign, which led to his appointment as communications director for the Kennedy family’s Merchandise Mart.”

The story focuses not just on Doherty, but on Kathy Posner, who blew the whistle on Doherty’s mixing of his not-for-profit with his for-profit businesses.

Posner, close readers may remember, comes to State Rep. Jack Franks’ defense when she thinks I have unfairly criticized him.

During the hubbub, the board members circled the wagons around Doherty, then played a game of musical chairs in which Posner was left without a seat on the board.

My thanks to Illinois Review for pointing me to the article.


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