Priest Wins Loan Default Suit against Lisa Sanfilippo

Father Thomas Vitro retired from St. Julian Eymard Catholic Church across from Alexian Brothers Medical Center.

A retired Catholic Priest named Thomas Vitio has won a suit against Fisher Nut family member Lisa Ann Sanfilippo (formerly Lisa Ann Evon) for her failure to repay a $150,000 loan.

With interest, the amount owned the former cleric of  St. Julian Eymard Catholic Church in Elk Grove Village is over $171,000.

During her divorce proceedings, Sanfillipo acknowledged the debt.

She has even made some payments, court documents say.

The money, according to the defendant’s ex-husband Jerome, was used to fund the operations of JRC Color Corporation.  He also swore he saw her sign the note.

The refusal of Sanfilippo to repay the loan led to the breach of contract case.

May 1st, McHenry County Associate Judge Thomas Meyer signed an order for summary judgment in the case for Farther Viteo.

Robert Hanlon is the attorney for Viteo.  Liz Wakeman and Jennifer Gibson of Zukowski, Rogers, Flood & McArdle represent Sanfilippo.


Priest Wins Loan Default Suit against Lisa Sanfilippo — 2 Comments

  1. The real amount of th ejudgment was $233,000.00

    She had to pay $51,000 in attorney fees and the full principal and interest to the pirest.

  2. The priest’s last name is spelled two different ways: Viteo Vitio. Is is really VITRO?

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