What’s Happened to Real Estate Prices in McHenry County over the Last Five Years?

I found the following information on the Chicago Tribune’s Real Estate page on the internet.

It has an interative map of McHenry County (and all other parts of the six-county Chicago metropolitan area) that tells what has happened to real estate values in municipalies with enough sales from which to pull statistics.

Changes in home prices in McHenry County over the last five years (2007-2012). Only Lakewood homes increase in value.

Code for the map above.

In McHenry County, I was surprised that homes in my village of Lakewood (a suburb of Crystal Lake) have held their value better than anywhere else.

  • Lakewood: +17.65% with current median value at $353,250. (Our home is a bit below average.)
  • Crystal Lake: -32.98% with median value at $157,500
  • Huntley: -39.59%, median at $193,000
  • Lake in the Hill: -34.08%, median at $147,000
  • Algonquin: -25%, median at $147,000
  • Cary: -39.77%, median at $156,000
  • Fox River Grove: -42.609%, median at $154,750
  • Oakwood Hills: -18&%, median at $164,000
  • Island Lake: -30.06, median at $114,000
  • Holiday Hills: -100%, but median given at $0, so obviously there is a glitch in the data
  • Woodstock: -42.14$, median at $136,000
  • McHenry: -31%, median $138,000
  • Lakemoor: -29.37%, median $117,250
  • Johnsburg: -48.38, median $175,000
  • Wonder Lake: -27.13%, median $119,500
  • Ringwood: -19,2%, median $201,000
  • Richmond: -36.45%, median $197,000
  • Spring Grove: -33.52, median $232,500
  • Marengo: -42.65%, median $117,000
  • Union: -1.59%, median $310,000 (something seems a bit wonky with the median average number)
  • Harvard: -50.5%, median $99,000
  • Hebron: -31.03%, median $130,000

Other communities have no information.


What’s Happened to Real Estate Prices in McHenry County over the Last Five Years? — 8 Comments

  1. Rest assured that there is some factor skewing the Lakewood valuations.

  2. Since when is the Village of Lakewood a suburb of Crystal Lake?

    I don’t know a single person in Lakewood who has sold their home in the last year who believes that Lakewood has held its value.

  3. Lakewood has always been a suburb of CL, I know, I lived there for 40 years!!!

    At one point some CLers thought Lakewood would annex to CL, but that was only a dream on the part of a few, Lakewood would never do that.

  4. Just because you lived there doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about….

    Major cities have suburbs. You can’t be a suburb of a suburb……

    The Village of Lakewood is a village to the west of Crystal lake.

    It is a suburb of Chicago, not of Crystal Lake.

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