Tickets on Rakow Road for Using Cell Phones

I’m told that cars were lined up on the side of Rakow Road west of Route 31 being ticketed for drivers using cell phones while a sign on the side of the road says no cell phones should be used.

Wish I could have gotten a picture of it, but a friend of McHenry County Blog said there were a lot of folks pulled over.


Tickets on Rakow Road for Using Cell Phones — 3 Comments

  1. Added income, easy pickings , I guess it is better than a tax increase.

  2. What you fail to mention is that the area west of 31 is a construction zone.

    And for the safety of construction workers and drivers themselves (to keep from running off the road or into the opposing lane of traffic), no cell phones means NO CELLPHONES.

    Perhaps if they had a Bluetooth headset on their ear, they’d be less obvious to law enforcement.

    By making their choice, they chose the consequence.

    Oh, wait – there goes another crocodile tear.

    Must be a slow news day.

  3. Heck…. it shouldn’t be in just construction zones. I think it should be everywhere that someone is driving a vehicle.

    Ever sit at an intersection on a green light behind someone talking and laughing on a cell phone?

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