The Fourth Day of Crystal Lake City Salaries

Today we move to page 4 of the report of city employee salaries posted because of the passage of a new state law.

Crystal Lake employees with job titles running from Firefighter Paramedic to Planner.

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More tomorrow.


The Fourth Day of Crystal Lake City Salaries — 2 Comments

  1. Look at all those Life/Health/Dental insurance expenses! $17,264/year.

    Why is Crystal Lake paying those outrageous amounts?

    Are those for dependent premiums?

    Years ago, YEARS ago, businesses stopped paying for dependents’ insurance.

    If employees wanted to insure dependents, the employees paid the cost.

    The City of Crystal Lake employs the Employee, not the family!

    I’ll bet a similar situation exists throughout the County and the State.

  2. Really now…

    Library Director
    Salary – $119,104
    Health Ins. – $7,363
    Vacation Days – 29!

    I don’t care what this person does for the library.

    Isn’t this out of control?

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