Wouldn’t You Think Tom Cross Would Want an Opponent for “Chainsaw Jack” Franks? 17 Days to Get One

Tom Cross

Mike Tryon

State Rep. Tom Cross, the Republican House Minority Leader, put a lot of pressure on State Rep. and McHenry County Republican Chairman Mike Tryon to get his budget staffer selected to fill Mark Beaubien’s shoes.

Gaffney ran a decent campaign, but was overwhelmed by the money thrown into the political arena by winner David McSweeney.

Because Gaffney lost, one could argue that Tryon and others who lent their names, if not their efforts, to the appointed State Representative’s campaign spent some political capital without getting positive results.

Something like playing the slot machines…except the campaign wasn’t even fun before the last coin was lost, that is election day.

Let’s assume that Tom Cross would rather have someone run against Democrat Jack Franks than not.

After all, no opponent for Franks means the Democrat with statewide ambitions can go campaigning for other Democratic legislative candidates around the state.

And, there is a candidate waiting in the wings.

Tonya Franklin

Her name is Tonya Franklin.

Inspired by the Tea Party movement, she is ready, willing and able to send Jack Franks up the wall.

Of course, Franks or his allies will use the same last minute smear tactics that they used against John O’Neil two years ago.

But, if Mike Tryon decides to take the steps necessary to nominate Franklin in time for the collection of 500 good petition signatures–the deadline for submission is June 4th, as I read the law–Republicans trying to pick away at Mike Madigan’s income tax hiking incumbent House Democrats will have less help from Jack Franks.

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Wouldn’t You Think Tom Cross Would Want an Opponent for “Chainsaw Jack” Franks? 17 Days to Get One — 4 Comments

  1. Daily blogs about no candidate to run against Franks; daily blogs about salaries in CL.

    Don’t cha think that the McH Republicans would have fielded a candidate by NOW if they WANTED to field a candidate?

    Try as you might Cal, you’re not wielding much pressure.

    Time for some now blog material.

    Maybe you could write about NATO or road construction (or bumper stickers)?

  2. The decision should come from from Mike Tryon, not his flunkies.

    Cal, my suspicions about the “Good Old Boys Club” have intensified.

    Thanks for all the postings about the efforts in getting an opposing candidate for Chainsaw Jack (AKA Drano Dem)

  3. All I can say, is what have they-Mchenry County Republicans, got to lose? Another election to Franks. Let’s make him spend some of his campaign money again. Go Tonya Go!!!

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