15 Days from “Chainsaw Jack” Franks’ Big Celebration Because the McHenry County GOP Didn’t Put Up an Opponent, Even though Tonya Franklin Volunteered

How many times will Mike Tryon have to explain why he didn't put Tonya Franklin on the GOP ticket to take on Democrat Jack Franks?

There’s still an opportunity for McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Mike Tryon to call a Central Committee meeting at which the two Representative Committee members besides himself could be appointed.

But, it’s his call.

Is he willing to take responsibility for Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks getting two free rides during the three election cycles when he was head of the local GOP.

Only time will tell.

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15 Days from “Chainsaw Jack” Franks’ Big Celebration Because the McHenry County GOP Didn’t Put Up an Opponent, Even though Tonya Franklin Volunteered — 3 Comments

  1. The McHenry Co. GOPhers are taking after the Cook County GOPhers.

    In Cook County we didn’t have any countywide candidates in the primary election.

  2. Tonya has a large group of volunteers, I am one and anxiously await her appointment.

    I have known Tonya for some time and aware of her Tea Party endeavors.

    I’ve been at the same conservative & Tea Party functions with her.

    The recent antics of Franks’ inspired her to “step up to the plate” along with encouragement from her family, friends and neighbors.

    Tonya should be given the chance to represent our county.

    It’s unfortunate the McHenry Co. Republican Party is run so poorly.

    They don’t understand this is creating a cesspool of problems.

    Chainsaw Jack like Obama, think they do no wrong and both want to be Emperor.

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