Changes in Appointed GOP Precinct Committeemen

Sue Serdar

Under state law, McHenry County Republican Central Committee Chairman Mike Tryon has the authority to appoint people Precinct Committeeman in precincts where no one ran in the primary.

He did so for two dozen empty precincts before he was re-elected and McHenry County Blog reported the names here.

Noticed today with the help of a friend of McHenry County Blog are three new appointees and removal of an appointed committeeman.

Additions are

  • CHEMUNG 3 – Michael Clarke (Appt 5/5/12), Harvard
  • BURTON 2 – Sue Serdar (Appt 5/10/12), Spring Grove
  • ALGONQUIN 28 – George Jost (Appt 5/2/12), Lake in the Hills

Donna Kurtz

Subtracted was

  • ALGONQUIN 20 – Donna Kurtz (Appt 3/29/12) Rem 5/15/12, Crystal Lake

Presumably Kurtz was removed because of her strong support for Independent Dee Beaubien over Republican victor in the 52nd District, Dave McSweeney.

Tryon said during the convention that he would remove anyone who had been appointed, if they did not support the entire Republican ticket.


Changes in Appointed GOP Precinct Committeemen — 14 Comments

  1. Tryon is going to start going against Kurtz?

    Good, Donna will run that clown out of this county with the rest of the good old boys!

  2. I was told I would be appointed to Precinct Committeeman on May 11, 2012 in a phone conversation with Mark Daniels.

    I had also received a voice message on May 10, 2012 from him that the committee decided not to back me in my attempt to run against the uncontested Jack Franks in the 63rd and instead felt that appointing me to Precinct Committeeman would be a better position for me.

    He told me that Tina Hill would be the one who was appointing me and he was going to hang up the phone and contact her immediately to discuss it with her.

    He went as far to say that he would call me back.

    I haven’t heard back from Mark Daniels.

    I did reach out to Tina Hill by email 5 days ago and haven’t as of yet heard from her either by email or phone.

  3. Daniels is a joke along with so many.


  4. Waiting:

    I don’t know about that.

    I am not defending Tryon by ANY stretch.

    He does what he’s told and that’s it.

    But Donna has been heralded before as one who is bringing fear to the dictatorial McHenry County establishment but I haven’t seen it yet.

    I am waiting.

    I am rooting for her.

    will support her.

    But I haven’t seen anything yet.

    Having said, I don’t disagree with Tryon’s action.

    If you are going to be an operative of the party, you have to provide at least tacit support to the candidates.

    But what T;ryon should have considered is whether he played into Donna’s hands.

    She can really ride the anti-establishment wave, showing she stood up to them.

    If she has a personal friendship with Dee Beaubie, that’s one thing.

    But to slap people in the face with her support, I think is wrong and Tryon reacted.

    Let’s see who and if there is a political price to be paid.

    Or everybody just gets re-elected and nothing changes.

    That’s my prediction.

  5. Thank God Donna questions things and does not just “ride the train”.

    The leadership in this county board is pathetic.

    It is all about, “I do not want to rock the boat.

    I am not here to serve but get re-elected”.

    Fence sitters.

    I know of many, many that are sick and tired of it.

    I hate when business owners tells me that they do not like so and so but I have to put their sign out to protect my business.

    Why do you think Obama carried the county???

    Why can’t we have someone run against Franks?

    You have to go to the establishment and “kiss the ring”, then they say, “Now is not the time.”

    Donna does not dance to the tune, Paul.

    She proved that at MCC.

    She has some guts unlike so many on the board.

    KK and Play along Jung are among the worst.

  6. FYI:

    It was her stance at MCC and the baseball stadium that drew my support.

    I don’t see where that has translated into anything at the County level.


    It still may come.

    Again though, genius political strategist Tryon kicking Donna out of her precinct committeeman position did nothing but help her.

    If he was looking to penalize Donna, Tryon should say “Oops!”

    Concur about KK.

    You know it’s funny you mention the business owners who feel coerced into putting signs up (hello Pat Fitzgerald, there is a ChicagoLAND outside of Cook County).

    Our esteemed President is bludgeoning business owners who support Romney and the Republicans in the same way.

  7. Mr. Tryon, IMO, that is a bad move you made.

    I and many others are in favor of term limits.

    You just gave us another reason to vote some people out since some officials refuse to get the point.

    Of course, I am beginning to think that a lot of local “Republicans” are closet Democrats.

  8. When did that clown Tryon appoint these precinct committeemen?

    Did he appoint them to give himself more votes for county chairman at the county convention a little while back?

    State law prohibits appointing PCs between the primary and the county convention for that reason, a 30 day blackout.

    Did Tryon break the law?

    Again, when were these PCs appointed?

    Even if he did that right, the guy is still a whack-a-do and a selfish dictator wannabe.

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