Legislators Taking $3,120 in Temporary Pay Cuts

Mike Tryon

A press release from State Rep. Mike Tryon:

Tryon Co-Sponsors Legislation to Reject Pay Raises and Cost of Living Increases for Lawmakers in 2013

Legislation also Calls for 12 Furlough Days

SPRINGFIELD…..Saying lawmakers must “lead by example,” Rep. Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) co-sponsored and voted on Monday for a bill that cut his pay by $3,120 next year.

House Bill 3188 requires all State legislators, constitutional officers, and the governor to go without a pay increase or cost of living adjustment (COLA) for fiscal year 2013, which begins July 1, 2012.

The bill also freezes mileage and per diem reimbursements at this year’s levels and requires lawmakers to take 12 furlough days and a decrease in pay equal to $3,120 for each State Representative.

“This is as difficult of a budget year as I’ve seen, but we are committed to cutting costs and getting our finances under control,” said Tryon. “I felt it was important that we be included in the sacrificing.”

This is the fourth year in a row that lawmakers have rejected COLAs and the fourth year in a row that legislators have absorbed furlough days. Overall, the pay cuts associated with the furlough days in the House and Senate will save the State $642,000 in salary costs for fiscal year 2013.

“With funding for necessary State services being threatened, this $642,000 savings creates $642,000 that can be channeled to important services, like education and human services.”


Legislators Taking $3,120 in Temporary Pay Cuts — 1 Comment

  1. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) money dried up for fiscal year 2013.

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