David Moore Trial Postponed So State’s Attorney Can Relpy to Newly Introduced Evidence

Image and text taken from the April 21, 2010, article.

The misdemeanor battery charge lodged against David Moore, Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore’s husband, have been delayed two weeks so the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office can respond to new evidence introduced by David Moore’s attorneys, John Nelson and Dan Mengeling.

The additional evidence includes videos of township meetings.

The physical altercation took place after a township meeting when David was attempting to video tape a conversation between Trustee Gerry McMahon and others.

You an read the police report here.


David Moore Trial Postponed So State’s Attorney Can Relpy to Newly Introduced Evidence — 12 Comments

  1. When this battery was committed David Moore was 47 years old and Gerry McMahon was 67 years old.

    Twenty year age difference.


    Does Moore think he is paparazzi?

    Moore was following individuals down hallways and video taping private conversations.

    This is the USA not North Korea Dave!

  2. The open meetings act allows for all public meetings to be video taped.

    McMahon has been censured by the trustees for his out of control behavior.

    No public official should conduct themself like he does.

  3. …does that include a private conversation on the way out of the meeting?

  4. Yes.


  5. Is that why David hit him?….Because he doesn’t like it when Jerry screams?

  6. Here they go again trying to paint the trustee with a sainthood paintbrush into a delicate flower.

    Who thought up this strategy, Pinocchio?

  7. Isn’t Atty. Nelson portraying Dave as the “delicate flower” – husband of Linda?

    Maybe we should all ignore the fact that Dave was running down hallways, chasing people to video tape their private conversations AFTER a meeting had been adjourned.

    I’m sure Dave being twenty years younger than the person he assaulted offered him no physical advantage.

  8. If the trustees are having a private meeting (even if it’s in a corridor), it belongs in Open Meeting.

    If they are all at a party and/or have a quorom and are discussing township business, it belongs in Open Meeting.

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