Message of the Day – Recall

Remember the “Recall Santa” yard sign a friend of McHenry County Blog found in the Milwaukee area.

Now someone has turned it into a tee shirt and trade marked the phrase.

"Recall Santa - I didn't get hat I wanted!" is one message of the anti-recall supporters of Scott Walker.

I found this web site for Recall Santa. It is the one with the t-shirt.

It is amusing.

Consider this statement:

“We were all lied to regarding this so called ‘naughty list’ and so many of us were then deprived of what we wanted.

“Is it too much to ask for everyone to get equal present rights!

“Santa Must Go!!!!!!

A week from now Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will learn whether he has been recalled from office or not.

National Democrats are downplaying the importance of the vote now that the polls are pointing to victory for Walker.

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