Veterans about to Get Unique Drivers’ License and State ID Cards

A press release from State Senator Pam Althoff:

Althoff veterans’ ID bill moves forward

Pam Althoff on the Senate floor. Phone credit: Senate Republican Staff.

SPRINGFIELD, IL. – Legislation giving veterans their own unique Illinois drivers’ licenses and State ID cards has passed both chambers of the General Assembly.

Senate Bill 2837, sponsored by State Sen. Pamela Althoff (R-McHenry), is aimed at raising awareness about resources available to veterans, and to provide emergency responders with valuable information when treating veterans during times of crisis.

It would also help veterans take advantage of special discounts and incentives offered to them by private industry.

“This legislation is a common-sense way we can connect veterans with the resources they’ve earned because of their service,” Althoff said.

“Veterans have sacrificed much to preserve our freedom, this legislation is one small way we can help support them in return.”

The initiative was the number one recommendation of the Illinois Discharged Service Members Task Force, which was charged with finding ways of helping veterans after their years of service are complete.


Veterans about to Get Unique Drivers’ License and State ID Cards — 19 Comments

  1. I am hoping their is some proof of service like your DD-214.

    And the choice to opt out; Not every veteran wants to be recognized.

    It isn’t that they are ashamed of their service, but some, like my husband who is a retired veteran, who just feel like they did their job.

    And while I am tremendously proud of the work and service he did, he is pretty private.

  2. And identifying who the terrorists are so they are easier to round up.

    Remember that Homeland Security said that veterans were very dangerous!

  3. Every time I read this article I get angrier.

    Who the Hell do they think they are fooling!

  4. Posturing Pam. Another meaningless bill. Just like her tenure in Springfield.

    Take a stand on something more meaningful Pam, like against the local cabal or fight hard for pension reform or out of control utilities or…gasp…reform.

    Silly me, what was I thinking?

  5. I agree Paul… they need to focus on the big picture, not the little hit or miss vote getters!

  6. Thanks, I.

    This is nothing more than a misdirection play from the most vacuous lawmaker from McHenry County.

  7. looks like pam is looking for votes. Not till I know what party she belongs to.

  8. this will allow you to show that your veteran status was checked without carrying your dd214 around with your social security number and other personal info with you .

    Also it will let the over anxious Law enforcement officers that you are a veteran and in some instances alert them that you may suffer from PTSD .there by approaching that person in an appropriate manner different than a regular person .

    this second thought of this is to prevent the officer from calling secondary backup , thinking they have somewhat of a phsyco on their hands .

    none the less it may offer the benifit of a small discount at some establishments at a time of need .

  9. I don’t care about your political affiliation!

    But this will help us Vets tremendously from having to carry multiple forms of ID.

    So if you can’t stand behind the Troops…

    Stand in front of them…


  10. It’s ABOUT TIME that us non-disabled American Veterans will recieve this LONG AWAITED ID.

    You know how many times that I felt slapped in the face because I couldn’t provide an ID to recieve a discount at HOME DEPOT or some other business that offered military veterans discounts?

    The only ID I had was a tattoo with my years of service and military branch(that they did not accept).

    I really appreciate this very much because I served my time and country and am PROUD to have done so!!!So please don’t make me feel unappreciated anymore I’ve felt that alot in the past when I couldn’t recieve those discounts! Thank You to the woman whom supported this bill!


  11. What is the process for getting these.

    When will they be available

  12. It’s time Vets enjoy some benefits by receiving discounts on purchases.

    My October, 2014 American Legion magazine (Oct 2014) published an article about the special ID card for Vets.

    Now, let’s see how long State Sen. Pamela Althoff (R-McHenry), can get the rest of the legislators off their a**genda to pass this bill.

    Stan Zielinski
    ARNG (vet)

  13. This is great!

    I just know there is going to be a nice big Veteran’s discount on the license fee.

    And we will probably be able to park in Veteran’s parking spots.

    And thank goodness for Veteran’s accessable entrances.

    Aren’t the politicians doing a splendid job for us?

  14. Just showed up to the DMV to get a new liscense

    brought my dd 214 and was told that it is not the right paper work.

    WTF is with that how is it not the right paper work

  15. Jesus H Christ, can’t us combat veterans get a break for once without some jerk bad mouthing it, even if it is small.

    At least it’s something.

    If you’re too proud to accept a discount – that’s great-for you.

    That’s what I fought for – your right to refuse any help or gratuity.

    Since I spilled a little blood for the cause, I think a little help for my troubles is called for.

    At least I’m not demanding something for nothing like a lot of people are doing.

    Semper Fi brothers.

    You need to go to the IDVA (many offices)and get your DD214 certified.

    I don’t know why – maybe to prevent fraudulent requests.

    Small price to pay.

  16. I love your first tip. I think we’ve developed an assumption that people will be able to understand the whole situation by reading a little bit about the situation. Sitting down with each other, or getting as close to that as possible, helps you to ensure that everyone is on the same page. If I ever need to get this kind of help, that’s what I’m going to try to do. It will help to ensure that I’m getting as much help as I can.

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