Two Days Until County GOP Can Take Major Step to Put Opponent on the Ballot against “Chainsaw Jack” Franks

As the Northwest Herald publishes its first article (and a poll between Franks and Franklin on the lower right hand part of the page) on Tonya Franklin’s quest to be the only the second Republican opponent to “Chainsaw Jack” Franks in four elections, Franklin sent out an email:

Jack Franks yard signs popped up in front of Vaughan's Family Restaurant last night while Tonya Franklin was meeting and greeting.

Well, well, well: Mr. Incumbent, Jack Franks’ rapid response team IS paying attention!

While some have tried to ignore this campaign effort, apparently Jack’s team is right on top of things.

No business as usual for that well funded team!

They heard about our Victory Center on Wednesday and promptly left their welcoming calling card for us!

Now that was FUNNY!

Stay tuned, Tonya for Illinois WILL respond today.


200 Hours To Success!
Support Tonya For Illinois

The petition drive for Tonya Franklin to achieve ballot placement has only Saturday and Sunday to achieve 1500 signatures.

To achieve success, at this point, we must assume Tonya has been appointed to the ballot position.

The law requires a minimum of 500 good signatures from a maximum of 1500 total signatures. The petition filing MUST be in Springfield by 5pm on Monday June 4th, which means the petitions must leave the 63rd District for Springfield by 10am Monday morning.

Map of Vaughan's location.

Tonya’s supporters have provided a temporary Campaign Victory Center. From Wednesday through Sunday Night our Victory Center will be opened at

Vaughan’s Family Restaurant
790 S Eastwood D.(Hwy 47) Woodstock, IL
(815) 338-3391- For directions

On Thursday and Friday, we invite you to share refreshments while we meet, and call out to McHenry County Republican Committeemen for the important McHenry County Republican Party Special Meeting and vote at D’Andea’s on Saturday morning, (9:00 am June 2nd)

We will also coordinate the “200 Hours To Success” campaign!

200 Hours to Success-

The Challenge: Traditionally, in door to door campaigns, 10 signatures an hour can be collected.

Signatures collected door to door, are by far the most reliable and walking provides an opportunity to drop off literature to inform voters.

Based on the calculation of 10 signatures an hour, we need 150 walking hours to achieve 1500 signatures. Rounding that figure up to 200 walking hours provides extra cushion.

Two days… We need commitments for 200 walking hours, 100 each day.

We have just started counting and we have 15 hours committed to.

Tonya Franklin

We have a structure in place to help us keep track of the commitments and the walk sheets.

Over the weekend we will have a notary available to assure each petition is properly notarized.

We have acquired neighborhood by neighborhood walk sheets for the entire 63rd House District.

That is over 19,000 Republicans.

We will hand these out from our Victory Center beginning Friday.

We will also have literature to hand out. Join us and we will provide you updated walk sheets for your precinct!

Our temporary Victory Center call-in number is 847-304-8800.

We invite you to bring your cell phone and help us to make this campaign a success as part of our response to Mr. Incumbent’s welcome message yesterday!

Vaughan’s Family Restaurant
790 S Eastwood Dr, (Hwy 47)
Woodstock, IL
Temporary Campaign Phone Number 847-304-8800.

Thursday: 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Meet & Greet, Calling Committeemen, and Pick up Committeemen Folders

Friday: 1:00 am – 9:00 pm
Lunch or Dinner! Phone Calling – Pick Up Walk Sheets, and Committeemen Folders

Saturday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Petition Signature Central – Pick Up Walk Sheets – Notary After 4pm.

Sunday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Petition Signature Central – Pick Up Walk Sheets – Notary

Have a Great day!

The Tonya for Illinois Campaign Team

PS: Also at the Victory Center are packets we made for Committeeman specifically for the McHenry County Republican Party Special Meeting on June 2nd.

We mailed these to Committeemen yesterday, but if you do not have yours by Friday night, please stop by and we will give you a second one.

If you are appointed AFTER May 24th, we don’t have your name or address yet, so please let us know!

We have extras at the Victory Center.


Two Days Until County GOP Can Take Major Step to Put Opponent on the Ballot against “Chainsaw Jack” Franks — 10 Comments

  1. What idiot would put up signs in the right of way..



  2. Yea, I hear Nygren and Milliman are also meeting there, Again!

  3. Signs regulations are for the birds – who cares.

    I think it’s hilarious.

    Almost as hilarious as today’s Northwest Herald piece on Tonya.

    If I closed my eyes and thought of the worst possible state Rep candidate – she would still out do it.

    Tyron was absolutely right to take a pass on this one.

    She should have passed petitions like anyone else if she wanted to run.

    Now she’s asking to have it handed to her. Stay strong, Mike!

  4. Just be careful with volunteers mistakenly passing petitions before you get approval – that’s an easy way to get pages on invalids signatures.

  5. If the McHenry County Central Committee on Saturday selects the two 63rd District Representative Committeemen who should have been selected at the April GOP organizing convention and

    if those two meet in the 63rd District (with Chairman Mike Tryon, if he decides to participate) and nominate Tonya Franklin,

    she still has to pass petitions, the deadline for filing of which is Monday afternoon.

    The Dems changed the state law to make it tougher to fill slots like this.

  6. Okay, so Ms. Franklin didn’t “pay her dues” by becoming a precinct person first and she didn’t donate a lot of money to anyone who qualifies as a RINO, and she didn’t toss her hat in the ring earlier in the year, and she probably didn’t kiss a lot of political backsides – yah, yep, yep, yeparooney those are all good reasons to keep her from being an opposition candidate. Aren’t they?

    Hey, she’s taking the plunge.

    That’s more than I can say for the folks currently in power.

    I mean, gosh forbid her name should be on a ballot and people would begin to know who she is….. so they could decide for themselves if they like her, her opinions, etc.

    I mean she might actually sink her teeth into things that have been someone else’s turf.

    Hmm – that would mean SHE at least has some courage.

    Most elected officials don’t know everything when they take office.

    There’s always a learning curve and the “hit the ground running” idea has gotten kinda old.

    Maybe her involvement would be a refreshing change.

    I don’t know her or all the pros and cons, I just know this sounds more like Chicago politics where only a few of the “chosen ones” can play.

    Heck, give her a chance to run – to win or to lose.

    There’s always a chance she might be great and NOT be a rubber stamp.

    Or is that the problem?

  7. Encouraging a person to run is one thing. But, will you all help fund a viable campaign? Ms. Franklin will need a half million to even get a start.

    If you truly want to help, make sure you can bring the money for this potential candidate. If not, this will serve as nothing less than a side show for those who just want to see a political battle that will forever scar this woman’s political chances in the future.

    One other point Cal has not possibly considered as ‘Blow Back’ should Ms. Franklin get on the ballot then take a pounding.

    If Jack Franks beats Ms. Franklin badly, and it will be a 70/30 blow out you can depend on that as fact, THEN, Rep. Franks has just been given a stronger platform and power, why??

    Because Franks can then say he AGAIN, beat out a McHenry County Republican opponent. Which on its face, gives Franks bragging rights which equates to more power.

    If Franks wins unopposed, then that limits his victory to a “So What” mindset in the “Peoples” minds. Thus, leaving the door open for a hot GOP candidate in two years.

    Understand what I’m laying out?

    I don’t think Jack Franks has hurt McHenry County as much as Tryon recently has with his horrific votes against the poor and sickly and elderly.

    This little ‘exercise is short lived gratification for some on the far right.’

    Mark my words, this will only give Franks a great springboard for his future.

    Taking out another Republican in a county where it’s darn near unheard of! In essence you are providing Rep. Franks with fuel to burn the next guy that tries to take him out, politically.

    Think ahead people.

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