Last Minute Pitch for GOP Precinct Committeemen to Attend Special Saturday Meeting in Crystal Lake

As an operative for the Republican Party in McHenry County sends out (again, not to me) Chairman Mike Tryon’s letter discouraging attendance at the Special Meeting of the local GOP at d’Andrea’s Saturday morning at 9 AM (public is invited), the woman who initiated the meeting has sent the following:

A personal note: The strength of the Republican Party is at the grassroots.

Learning about McHenry County politics has been fascinating!

I have especially appreciated meeting Committeemen and local candidates these past couple of days at Liberty Center (Vaughan’s in Woodstock).

Illinois law and McHenry County By-laws mandates McHenry County Committeemen have a weighted vote to elect two representatives from the 63rd House District. Along with Chairman Tryon they form a legislative committee.

Following the vote on Saturday, the newly formed legislative committee will immediately reconvene at Woodstock Square (Starbucks) to vote for or against Tonya’s placement on the Republican ballot.

Yes, I do want to persuade you to vote YES for our pro-Tonya slate, and welcome the opportunity to do so between now and Saturday morning’s vote.

More importantly, I want to ask you to show up to vote.

I called the meeting, but I am not the leader. We are.

25% of McHenry County Committeemen and many additional Committeemen we are contacting from Victory Center (Vaughan’s).

Tonya Franklin at Ken Koehler's fund raiser.

We offer you information and the venue to meet as Committeemen and then to vote.

We are not engaging here to fight Chairman Tryon and his team.

We are here to fight Mr. Incumbent – AKA Franks and Madigan.

This election is about providing choices to Republicans in McHenry County.

It is about engaging in the conversation with Democrats, race by race!

I respectfully request that Chairman Tryon and the McHenry County Republican Party team join us and lead us on Saturday.

Even if we disagree, let’s engage as McHenry County Republicans, on Saturday morning.

And then – better for this exercise in Liberty, join and work together. November is nearly here, and it is time to change the General Assembly and the White House!

From Yesterday – Update: The supporters for Tonya have arranged for Republican election lawyer, Laura Jacksack, to be available to answer questions you might have about legal issues related to the meeting.

Today’s Events: Good Ole’ Retail Politics – Meet and Greet for lunch, snacks and dinner. We are responding to Mr. Incumbent’s greeting he left at Victory Center. Also, we are contacting fellow Committeemen and organizing the weekend petition walk.

We are moving quickly as we organize.

Really, Vaughan’s food is unbelievable.

Join us all day today (11am-9pm) for food, conversation, and mobilization.

SHARING RESOURCES: SEND US/DROP OFF YOUR LITERATURE: Do you want to communicate with your fellow Committeemen?

We don’t have much time, but if you send me a jpeg type file, (by 11pm tonight) we will add it to our PowerPoint for tomorrow.

There will be time for visuals to flip through the background from 8-9am and then after the meeting (out by 11am).

If you have a local issue (or are a candidate) please send us something by 10pm tonight.

Also, bring your literature to Victory Center.

We have precinct walk sheets with phone numbers for the entire 63rd District for distribution and sharing.

This is a great time to promote Republican leadership, and we look forward to the meeting on Saturday!

With enthusiasm, we are looking forward to Saturday. Tonya and her team are motivated and experienced grassroots workers. We also love to have fun while we work.

Sharon Meroni

PS: Lori Miller has a surprise to share on Saturday. 🙂
Vaughan’s Family Restaurant
790 S Eastwood Dr, (Hwy 47)
Woodstock, IL
Temporary Campaign Phone Number 847-304-8800.

Friday: 1:00 am – 9:00 pm
Lunch or Dinner! Phone Calling – Pick Up Walk Sheets, and Committeemen Folders

Saturday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Petition Signature Central – Pick Up Walk Sheets – Notary After 4pm.

Sunday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Petition Signature Central – Pick Up Walk Sheets – Notary


200 Hours to Success- The Challenge: Traditionally, in door to door campaigns, 10 signatures an hour can be collected. Signatures collected door to door, are by far the most reliable and walking provides an opportunity to drop off literature to inform voters.

Based on the calculation of 10 signatures an hour, we need 150 walking hours to achieve 1500 signatures. Rounding that figure up to 200 walking hours provides extra cushion.

Two days… We need commitments for 200 walking hours, 100 each day.

UPDATE: We have 100 hours committed to already! We have a structure in place to help us keep track of the commitments and the walk sheets. Over the weekend notary Linda Moore will be available to assure each petition is properly notarized.

We have acquired neighborhood by neighborhood walk sheets for the entire 63rd House District. That is over 19,000 Republicans. We will hand these out from our Victory Center beginning Friday. We will also have literature to hand out. Join us and we will provide you updated walk sheets for your precinct!

Our temporary Victory Center call-in number is 847-304-8800. We invite you to bring your cell phone and help us to make this campaign a success as part of our response to Mr. Incumbent’s welcome message yesterday!

At the Victory Center are packets we made for Committeeman specifically for the McHenry County Republican Party Special Meeting on June 2nd. We mailed these to Committeemen, if you do not have yours by Friday night, please stop by and we will give you a second one. If you are appointed AFTER May 24th, we don’t have your name or address yet, so please let us know! We have extras at the Victory Center.


Last Minute Pitch for GOP Precinct Committeemen to Attend Special Saturday Meeting in Crystal Lake — 18 Comments

  1. 2 bits from someone with no dog in this fight:

    1) Calling it “the Victory Center” over and over is kinds creepy in an Orwellian way AND it’s unclear. Headquarters, at Vaughn’s on Rte 47 in Woodstock.

    2) Referring to Mr. Franks as “Chainsaw Jack” repeatedly is about as juvenile as you can get. The district has a lot of Republicans, but a LOT MORE people who are sick and tired of politics becoming a nasty childish name-calling game. You really hurt your cause by playing this game.

  2. “Mr. Incumbent” has been in Springfield doing the job we elected him to do – a large majority of both parties.

    You’re biggest mistake will be to under estimate how respected he is.

    It’s not a diabolical plot that he hasn’t had many opponents – it’s because folks generally think he does a good job.

    I don’t feel that point of view is voiced enough on this paritsan blog.

    This state is far from perfect, but Jack is one of the good ones.

    We need more like him.

  3. “Over the weekend notary Linda Moore will be available to assure each petition is properly notarized.”

    I’m so there!

    Svengali Cal and Linda together again?

    Will Aileen be there?

  4. “It can be says”:

    Are you kidding? Jack Franks one of the good guys????


    The state is in economic shambles.

    Franks has presided as basically a member of the “Board of Directors” of the State of Illinois for 14 years.

    In that time, he has gained great PERSONAL gain and PERSONAL advantage as the state he is managing is falling off a cliff.

    You and I will have to pay for his mansion in Wisconsin where he wines and dines the Democratic Leaders and Union Bosses who demand his support for their bloated pensions.


    By whom?


    The Democratic Machine?

    The Press?

    The Unions?

    The Teachers Unions?

    The Trial Lawyers?

    Give me a bleeping break !!!

    He IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WHAT IS WRONG WITH GOVERNMENT. He’s not a good guy, he’s the WORST KIND OF POLITICIAN. He is running a state into the ground as he is enriching himself and his family. While doing so, he pulls the wool over the eyes of fools like you making you think he’s supporting your interests. Ha !! Idiots, fools, morons.

    Wake up. It’s time to smell the roses. These politicians are robbing you AS you are supporting them.

  5. Chainsaw Jack
    Jack Ass Frank
    Northwest Herald Saturday Poll:
    Vote for your favorite name

    Chainsaw Jack
    Jack ass Franks
    Jack be simple
    Flap Jack
    Slime Franks

  6. By ‘choices’ does that mean Tonya and her multiple personailties – Hobbit, Birther, Tea Bagger, etc?

    If Barrack sounds like a Muslim name, Tonya sounds oddly like a black person’s.

    By her standards, that’s a litmus for her not running as State Rep in Illinois and hardly xenophobic.
    Vote for Tonkin-Tonya that Tankengine because she’s on a one way track to a loss at the polls.

  7. To Woodstock Woman,

    You forgot the most relegent of all nicknames, Drano Jack.

    But I guess you don’t read the news or follow politics, which probably makes you the next Skinner Manchurian Tea Bagger Candidate in 2014.

    But for now, Tonkin Tonya the Tankengine and the Tea Bagger express for 2012 – arriving soon to a loss in November!

  8. You asked ‘respected by whom’ in your long, border-line psychotic trolling rant.

    I was referring to the voters in McHenry County that keep him in office.

    Few state Reps have a better reputation in their districts. If you took a moment to step outside the confines of this blog and actually talk to normal folks – you’d be sadly surprised by the positive responses.

    Your conclusions aren’t found in evidence.

  9. It can be?

    The voters in McHenry County are apathetic (just as the voters all over America) and unaware of the real situation.

    The whole point of all of this is the APATHY!

  10. Jack Franks is stongly supported by the Teachers Union who are breaking the state treasury with their bloated pensions; he is supported by the Trial Lawyers, the Pro-abortion lobby, the Union Lobby, the Democratic Machine, and Michael Madigan.

    This isn’t a “psychotic rant”, these are facts.

    You can’t even deny a word of this.

    These positions are untenable and resultantly are financially destroying the state.

    States with the exact OPPOSITE political positions are running in the black..

    Thes are FACTS.

    The county is STONGLY opposed to every one of these.


    The reason Jack Franks gets away with it is because he’s politically savy and he has postured himself, for which he can be called the MASTER.

    He has successfully fooled not only the voters, but even McHenry County Republican officials like Nygren, Walters, Donely etc.

    My argument is based on fact.

    Your argument is based on popularity.

    Popularity in Politics is the monster that is electing self-serving politicians like Franks who are supporting the above positions at the demise of the state.

    Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio are headed in the opposite direction as Franks and the Democrats.

    10 years from now those states will be basking in financial success, and here in Illinois Franks and the Democrats will be demanding more support from the property taxpayer and asking them again to pay “their fair share”, which will be even more than their “fair share” today.

    It is you who needs to read a little outiside the Democratic talking points.

  11. Well, Tonya Franklin’s 2012 campaign for state representative in the 63rd district is over, when only 38 Republican precinct committeemen showed up at D’Andrea’s this morning.

    The meeting did not have a quorum.

    Credit to McHenry County Republican Chairman Mike Tryon and his executive team for conducting this meeting with the utmost of integrity and respect for all of the committeemen present.

    Chairman Tryon showed why he is the class act that he is.

    A nod goes to Ms. Franklin, who bowed out gracefully.

    Hopefully, she will serve as a Republican committeewoman with honor, turn out the vote for the entire Republican ticket, and be ready to run for state representative or something else in 2014.

  12. A birdy said that mike walked out of the meeting like a little baby that couldn’t take the heat. What a little punk.

    Integrity my ass.

  13. Chairman Tryon allowed this non-meeting (remember, no quorum was present, so the meeting wasn’t official) to continue for 25-30 minutes longer then needed with the audience that was present.

    While Ms. Franklin accepted her defeat emotionally yet gracefully, the same can’t be said for the supporters of Ms. Franklin who were in the room.

    One example of a lack of respect and decorum from this morning was Ms. Franklin’s daughter, Megan Geller.

    She was in the audience in this open-to-all meeting.

    You’ll recall, she was the one who was terminated from employment by Crystal Lake Outback last fall for being argumentative when her manager was giving her customer feedback.

    Geller asked an understandable question to Chairman Tryon about why her mom had been denied a spot on the fall ballot.

    As Chairman Tryon was explaining, Geller got argumentative (thinking back to why she Geller fired from Outback last fall, I can believe Outback management’s version of the story after watching Geller’s treatment of Chairman Tryon this morning), and kept interrupting her.

    Chairman Tryon had to be assertive, but did answer the question.

    Others in the room didn’t like what they heard, neither. After the 4th or 5th person accused Chairman Tryon as having a lack of integrity, he had had enough.

    I give him credit, after the 2nd person after Geller, I would have left at that time too.

    It is understandable no one likes not getting their way.

    Chairman Tryon is a man of integrity, after what I saw there this morning, and I truly hope both Ms. Franklin, and her supporters, can all learn several things from this entire process over the past 2-3 weeks.

  14. The Illinois Unemployment Office said Outback is no longer able to appeal the decision.

    Megan Geller was fired for a political point of view.

    Not my words….the State Of Illinois.

    Why would Outback admit they were wrong?

    There were not numerous complaints.

    One drink was mixed up by a bartender and then the customer who grabbed Megan’s arm (assault) over the bracelet and her husband was the other complaint.

    Megan was overheard by others saying to Gary Lockwood in the kitchen….”Gary why are you yelling at me?”

    I believe the State, the witness and my daughter.

    She had a 4 yr work history with Carraba’s and Outback Steakhouse.

  15. What happens when no one votes for an unopposed candidate on the ballot?

    Your choice is actually NO CHOICE.

    Thanks for nothing, Mike!

  16. After WWII concluded, Churchill was asked to reflect upon how history would view the conflict – Churchill replied “It will go down in history as The Unnecessary War”.

    While the special meeting held this past Saturday hardly rises to the level of World War, it was likewise “The Unnecessary Meeting”.

    Not discounting Ms Franklin’s good efforts, it is inconceivable to me that the party of Lincoln can’t manage to offer the voters of the 63rd District a Republican candidate for any office!

    This meeting was unnecessary because we should have had a primary and an alternate candidate being groomed starting two years ago.

    In business, we have a two word term for situations like this – the first word is “cluster” and the second word can’t be used in polite company.

    And all the platitudes about working hard, good intentions, gaining consensus, etc. are absolutely meaningless unless they are backed-up by results.

    Mike Tryon expressed concerns about closing the meeting to outsiders so the Democrats don’t get wind of the goings-on – I respectfully disagree.

    We should have invited them to the meeting – upon witnessing this spectacle they’d be laughing so hard from now until election day that they might forget to vote!

  17. Reply to John Smith or is it John M. Smyth. (the furniture guy)

    “Chairman Tryon is a man of integrity”, that I question.

    He is a puppet that is lead around by his dog collar by handlers.

    He speaks when they bribe him with a “treat”.

    His barks when told to.

    Wow, what talent and assertiveness, this guy shows.

    I think my dog is on the same level, just as talented, but has more brains.

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