“Chainsaw Jack” Franks Gets Third Free Ride in Four Elections Compliments of the McHenry County Republican Party

We all know why Jack Franks is laughing.

The McHenry County Democrat who can do almost no harm, according to the Northwest Herald, is getting a free ride for the third out of four elections.

Instead of allowing Tonya Franklin and her supporters to go out and see if they could get 500 “good” signatures in less than two days, a feat never accomplished in McHenry County, the Republican Central Committee has let slip the appointment of two members of an obscure body called the 63rd State Representative District.

So there is no need to collect any signatures…because the Republican Party will offer no opponent to the Democrat on whose¬† fund raising “Host Committee”¬† too many members serve.

The fox is being chased by a faction of the Republican Party that wants to shoot him down.

That 63rd Representative District Committee would have had the power to nominate Tonya Franklin (or anyone else) yesterday in Woodstock, but so many of the Committeemen boycotted the meeting at Chairman Mike Tryon’s and his Leadership Team’s urging or had other things to do that not enough people were showed up to conduct business.

So the process has hit the brick wall of apathy or, perhaps, antipathy.

The fox wants to catch a free ride in this Milk Day Parade vehicle.

The McHenry County Republican Party decided to give Jack Franks a free ride.

He’s made friends with high ranking Republicans like Sheriff Keith Nygren and Woodstock Mayor Brain Sager, who wants to take Franks’ place in the Illinois House when Franks gets tired enough of his eight hour a week commute to Springfield a quarter of the year to try for another post.

The wily fox gets into the Republican milk truck for a free ride.

So join the celebration by playing the Edgar Winter Group’s song of that title.

Meanwhile, replace a few words in this Linda Ronstat song, “When Will I Be Loved?” and Tonya Frankin could be at the microphone:


“Chainsaw Jack” Franks Gets Third Free Ride in Four Elections Compliments of the McHenry County Republican Party — 21 Comments

  1. You should really seek professional help for your clinical, border line psycotic obsession with Jack Franks.

  2. I would offer you a hefty portion of that advice right back there…It can be says nothing of consequence.

  3. I realized something about myself …….I LOVED THE FIGHT!

    I have so much more in me.

    Somehow the antics they were willing to go to just engaged me to a higher level.

    I love turning negative into positive.

    Yes little one, Politics are brutal so let’s change how we do business as usual.

    You haven’t heard the last from me.

    My students all say I am a good teacher and for good reason.

    Let the schooling begin.

  4. Good will come out of this, and it already has.

    I found the meeting on Saturday to be helpful and informative.

    I again thank Tonya Franklin for stepping up and trying to run against Jack Franks.

    We need an opponent to all candidates.

    Competition is what makes people work harder in their jobs.

    Maybe even perhaps, should I dare say it, keeps them honest.

    Something all politicians need a dose of every now and then.

  5. Tonya, you certainly have a very high opinion of yourself.

    Not sure that attending tea parties and ginning up conspiracy theories is a sufficient justification.

    Your entire response to questions about your politics was decidedly weak and dismissive – as you quickly called them nothing but a tool to get folks politically engaged.

    A laudable goal, perhaps, if you actually consistently voted yourself.

    When rubber hit the road, you didn’t stand up for the principles you expel.

    And regarding obsession, a couple supportive comments from that person hardly equates to daily, unintelligible ranting blog posts.

  6. The ONLY redeeming quality about the Repbulican Party is that they are NOT the Democratic Party.

    But that’s an important quality.

  7. Love your witty music “notes”, Cal.

    I thought it quite the coincidence that the band Still Kickin’ just recently put that Ronstadt song in their set list.

    Come see the debut of that tune at Kief’s Reef on July first.

    Michelle will sing the Bejeesus out of it for Tonya!

    I think we can all relate to those words.

  8. We need to have a numbering or some snarky type of ledger for each time Franks commits ANOTHER act to destroy this state, and as he promotes Democrat candidates…

    Let’s count each offense and name it something to the effect of: “Tryon’s Responsible 1”, “Tryon’s Responsible 2″…

    Rep Tryon YOU need to be held accountable for the sneaky political hack that you are.

    You think it is okay to send out two letters to Committeemen to disqualify the meeting, and then tell us this is a legitimate meeting and you are here to run it?

    You will not get a pass for your political double talk, and slimy manipulations to support whatever political deal you have with Franks.

    There will never be unity in the McHenry County Republican Party under your leadership.

    You need to step down.

    You were pathetic whimpering at the podium that under YOUR WEAK leadership you can’t get anyone to show up to the meetings for years.


    You behaved like the entrenched morally corrupt politician you are running away after you were questioned for purposely conspiring to prevent this vote.

    You will not get a pass from us.

  9. While we see the Democratic Party evolving and becoming socialists at all levels both State and National this latest episode shows the Republicans out for what they have long been.

    Boys and girls can you say Oligarchs?

  10. Jack Franks has done a wonderful job for the citizens not only of McHenry, but of all of Illinois!

    I don’t care what party he is from!

    His latest transparency bill will hold Quinn accountable for when he keeps giving away all the corporate welfare to companies like Motorola and Groupon.

  11. Mega Dittos to “Voters against Illinois RaisingTaxes.”

    You said it all and that’s the truth. @ Allison…. Wake up and smell the rat… The DemocRAT.

  12. Cal,

    The picture of Chainsaw Jack is creepy, like he’s ready to jump out and BITE.

    Did he have his Rabies vaccination this year?

  13. McHenry County Republican Party should be ashamed of themselves, especially the leadership. The attitude of the party is tasteless and unprofessional. It’s gone unchecked for many years.

    What is the sense of voting, when there’s no opposition?

    The most discussing act was the way the party disrupted Tonya Franklin’s attempt to run against Jack Franks.

    This is not the American way.

    I am ashamed being a resident of McHenry County and in addition to admit I ‘m a Republican.

  14. The McHenry County Republican Party is creepy . . . ever wonder why?

  15. Back in the mid 90’s Jack S said we do not air out our Dirty Laundry Here!!

  16. Time for plan B.

    School Board candidate spring 2013?

    County Board?



  17. Mark, McHenry County taxpayers should know their history . . .

    Plan B is learning what that history is and expose the corruption!

  18. The problem with finding a candidate is the disgust our current ones leave us with.

    I’ve spoken to many who refuse to get involve, or even follow politics for their own health reasons.

    It’s too frustrating to watch their incompetenence and arrogance and watch them spend our tax dollars recklessly. Paying attention to our lawmakers actually creates health problems in some people.

    So, now we had a candidate willing to run, and the McGop has turned her off. Go figure!

    The Republican Il State Rep-Mike Bost- that ranted last week about the pension reform, it was staged.

    He announced it on Fox 32.

    His rant went viral, and he was shocked at the response he got from coast to coast thanking him for standing up to tyranny.

    I guess living in the Springfield bubble doesn’t allow him to get out and speak to his constituents, because he would have already known how disgusted we are with all levels of government!

    All I can say, is we need more folks engaged and working to stop the tyranny, incompetence, arrogance and reckless spending of all levels of our government.

    They work for us.

    We all need to remind them of that every now and then.

  19. So you published the list of people who called for this special meeting, but I do not see any list of the people who actually stood behind their signatures.

    Will you be posting the list of malcontents who actually followed through on their petition and had the courage of their convictions to actually attend?

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