Where Businesses Want You to Gamble in McHenry County

Those businesses in McHenry County that want to have slot machines (video poker to those who wish to make this form of gambling sound more benign) are listed below:


  • Creekside Tap
  • Don Marcos Mexican Restaurant
  • Main Street Billiards Cafe
  • Nero’s Pizza and Pub
  • The Riverview Restaurant

Fox River Grove

  • The Dead End Bar & Grill


  • Cool Music Stop
  • Hub Lounge
  • Front Street Tap
  • McGarry’s Bowl
  • South Side
  • Stingerz Bar & Grill

Although this video poker machine is in Crystal Lake, no Crystal Lake businesses have applied yet for a gambling license.


  • Huntley Legion Home Inc.


  • Duffy’s Palace Bowl
  • McHenry Lodge Loyal Order of Moose
  • Oak Park Lounge
  • Sunnyside Tavern

Lake in the Hills

  • Moretti’s Pizza


  • Harley D’Z
  • King’s Court Bar and Grill
  • Miss Kitty’s Saloon
  • Northside Tap
  • Water’s Edge Golf Club Inc.


  • After The Fox
  • Corkscrew Pointe
  • Firewood Restaurant
  • Main Street Station
  • Nicolino’s Trackside
  • Town Club
  • Twisted Moose
  • VFW Post 4600
  • Vickie’s Place

Port Barrington

  • Hermann’s Rest A While


  • Duffy’s Palace Bowl
  • Red’s Steak and BBQ


  • Wayne’s Lanes


Where Businesses Want You to Gamble in McHenry County — 3 Comments

  1. Time to move ahead folks.

    The ‘Old Guard” is changing along with their old antiquated way of thinking and old school politicking is long dead and all that is left to do is throw the dirt over the old religious, far right wingers.

    I’m for putting the past in the museums where they belong, the place the old fossils where they belong.

    On the sidelines with their mouth shut so we can get ‘with it,’ or lose it.

    Jack Franks, will you lead the way?

    Mile Tryon will you assist?

    Gambling and private bar clubs and adult recreation, equates to dollars.

    Come out of the closet all yea that spew about your conservative living, all the while the skeletons are beginning to haunt you to poverty and ruination.

    Let’s build a massive land based casino, resort and entertainment mecca in the woods of McHenry County along with the day time beauty of the conservation district.

    An indoor outdoor water park, Jerassic Park Theme by day, Playboy Mansion by night and “Thunder Down Under for the ladies!

    If you can’t beat them, heck, join in with the good ole boys. They know how to “Git R Done!”

    No more Mr. Good Bar….. Let’s go for the cash and benefits that go along with it all!

    Keith Nyren and company can lead the way!

    I’m ready to join!

    Nygren for U.S Senate will help pave the way.

    I’ve fast becoming his biggest fan!

    Kenny Koehler, can get the land deals done and Keith can get the political muscle side of things handled.

    Neon lights and slot machines and strip clubs along with horse racing and wagering…

  2. I’m confident that PoliticianNot’s comment is Swiftian satire.

    The concerns about blight (neon lights, strip clubs, an “entertainment mecca in the woods”) are plainly unfounded.

    Some of the most valuable residential real estate in the county (the developments with Colonel Holcomb and Hazelwood Drive) is within a mile of the OTB on Bull Valley Road.

    In that area there are no drunks on the street, prostitutes setting up shop, or other indicia of blight.

    If you think further outlets for recretational gambling would have a substantially different impact on the county, please explain. However, given our experience with gambling in the county, the ball is in your court to prove your point.

    Otherwise, don’t be a knee jerk NIMBY.

  3. Crystal Lake is way too sophisticated for gambling halls and pawn shops!

    Way to go Mayor Shepley and city council yes men and women.

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